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"Thanks for dreaming big" - your biggest fan

Do you want a fun activity to help reinforce your intentions for a year of renewal and transformation?

This one will stimulate your emotions as you feel your way into the vision you have of your new self.

It’s simple but powerful and you’ll benefit not only from the experience of performing it, but later on as well.

Are you curious? 

Are you ready?

Before we get started, because this is the last post of January’s joy theme of Be Renewed, let’s take just a minute to review your progression over these past few weeks.

If you’ve been reading my posts all month, you’ll see we’ve covered a few essentials to prepare for a new year and a renewed you:

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– I provided info on seven great book resources to inspire your transformation

Looking within to determine your future
– I shared some information on using oracle cards to deepen your insight

Write your own story
– This post was all about using vision boards to help you visualize your intentions

Meditate on your vision
– Last week’s was about how to do a simple meditation to lock in your intentions

And today’s post is about a powerful activity to help you “act as if”. I’ll explain more on this later.

Today’s activity is from Chapter 12 – Be Renewed, from my book Being Joy™ and I’ll expand a bit more on it here. It’s called Fan Letter.

Basically you’re going to write a letter to your future self from someone else.  It could be someone you know or a stranger.  Maybe even someone famous who has taken notice of your transformation.  It’s not as important who it is from as what it says and the way you feel when you write it.

Once you’ve got the mental image of your future self, based on the vision board you did and the meditation you’ve done,  (don’t worry if you haven’t done those activities – this will still work), then start writing to yourself.

Get really mushy.  Pour it on thick.  Describe the way you look, the way you act, your confidence, how others feel in your presence or anything that you have created in your intentions about your renewed self.

Smile and really feel the words as you write them. Suspend disbelief for a minute.  Remember you are painting a picture of your future self.

Once you’re done, mail the letter to yourself.  Then start feeling and thinking “as if”, which means to feel as if what you’ve intended has already happened.

Trust me – this works.  Before my book Being Joy™ was published, I did this same activity, writing from the voice of a book reviewer who praised it for its message.  That vision stays with me today and has been reinforced many times from the validating comments of my readers, workshop attendees, and clients.

When your letter arrives in your mailbox, open it with excitement and take some time to feel the words on the page.  Then get inspired to take action knowing your “fan” believes in you.  And once you realize you are the fan, there won’t be anything you can’t create!

Wishing you a joyful renewal!

Love from your Joy Mama,

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P.S.  If you would like to discover other resources to help you elevate your joy frequency for a transformed life, get a copy of my book here.   

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