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“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” - Lao Tzu

I hope the start of your new year has been great and that you’ve set some intentions that will be good for your joyful spirit.

I was busy leading up to New Year’s Day in reflection of the past year.  In fact, I actually looked back at the last decade, celebrating my progress and honouring the challenges for the blessing of growth.

I love this time of renewal.  I love the process of going within to discover what really matters to me.  I love the silent optimism that swells in my heart.  And I love the hopeful anticipation of seeing my new intentions manifest at exactly the right time.

This month is all about you.  Of the things you want to leave behind to make room for the new beginnings of the new year.  It’s about your vision of who and what you want to become.

But sometimes we need a little guidance to discover what our soul is telling us. Perhaps I can help.

Blue mandala with words "Be Renewed #12"

 I choose today to be reborn, to start this day anew. To rid myself of worry and fear, to let my light shine through.

For years I have been working with oracle and tarot card decks.  I have about 30 different decks by different authors and work with about three every morning.  I do readings for myself and others and am always amazed at the accuracy of the readings.

Then something remarkable happened.

In 2015 I embarked upon a quest to chronical my perspectives on the subject of joy from the years I spent experiencing joy and sorrow, abundance and scarcity. I knew I wanted to write a book about it, but also realized it would take some time and quite frankly, I didn’t feel I was ready yet to fully understand what I had been called to do.  With that knowing, the Being Joy Cards were created.

I knew that I wanted 40 cards to represent 40 different themes that could be reviewed each day so that by the end of a 40-day cycle, the reader would have begun the process of replacing self-imposed limiting beliefs with new empowering habits to elevate their joy vibration and life experiences.

I also knew I wanted the front design of the cards to represent the seven different chakra colours and the backs would carry an affirmation message.  What I didn’t realize was that the order of the cards and the verse on the back would be totally guided by a force much greater than myself.  As I surrendered to the process, the order of the cards and the messages became divinely inspired.

But that was just the beginning.

To start with, I recommended just using the cards as a daily message reinforcement for each new joy habit and that at the end of the 40-day practice they could shuffle the cards and pull one card to reflect on that day’s message of empowerment.  And when my book Being Joy™ came out in late 2018, I suggested people simply use the cards as daily reminders of the day’s theme. But I kept getting the nudge that there were deeper messages in the cards that needed to be explored.

Because the cards were infused with both numerology and chakra energy messages, I felt that the guided sequence of the cards had meaning.  I then added an aromatherapy component as well as identified the various spirit animals that could provide further meaning.  I also included what I felt was the joy barrier to that specific new joy habit. I did readings for myself and others revealing great insight by using this combination of energy influences.  After performing several readings on myself and others, I felt comfortable with the combination of various attributes that I created a Joy Medicine Card Guidebook that people can use to add further insight to their own readings.  The guidebook can now be downloaded when you purchase a set of my cards.

I use this deck personally every morning along with two others that I adore.  I usually just pull one card from each of the three decks and then explore the messages within each card and how they tell a story together. The patterns in the messages are quite remarkable.  And they always have deep meaning.

On New Year’s Day I did a three-card spread with one card representing my Past, one for my Present and one for my Future.  I won’t share those cards with you as they are personal, but I can tell you they were very profound.

If you are interested in learning more about oracle cards or how to purchase a set of your own Joy Medicine Cards and Guidebook, contact me and we’ll get them to you.

Wishing you a great week of insight and renewal!

Love from your Joy Mama!

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P.S.  If you would like to book a Joy Guiding session with me to receive a virtual or in-person card reading and special guided meditation to help activate your intentions, contact me to set up a time.

P.P.S Make sure you read next week’s blog as I’ll be sharing a great activity you can do to further cement your intentions for the year!

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