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blue mandala with quote - “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” ~ Buddha

I’m often asked why living in the state of joy is so important.  Other than the obvious – you feel better – living joyfully raises your vibrational frequency.  So why is that so important?

You see, everything is energy.  People and environments are alive, connected and changing. Every atom in the universe has a specific vibratory or periodic motion.  And each periodic motion has a frequency (the number of oscillations per second) that can be measured in Hertz.

So when someone says they want to “raise their vibrational frequency”, that means they wish to elevate their frequency to such a level that allows them to improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Because joy, love, and gratitude are the highest vibrational frequencies there are, living in those states offers you the opportunity to transcend the ordinary and live the extraordinary.  And when you do that, you act as a magnet for others who want to be aligned with that same high energy as well.  Which is why the subject of today’s blog is so relevant.

For the past three weeks my blog series “The Five Letters of Generosity”  has asked you to send “love letters” to people in need of joy and encouragement.  By doing so, you have been helping to raise the vibrational frequency of all those you touch, including yourself. That’s the way we can collectively make meaningful change at a time when we need it the most.

This week I’m asking you to stretch a little further.

I’d like you to extend generosity of spirit to a stranger in need.

As with the first assignments I suggest getting comfortable in a place where you can take your time to elevate your own frequency of joy and love before you begin to write.  Find nice writing paper or a note card might be nice for this.  Get your favourite pen and begin.

But who are you writing to?  Here are a couple of options.

a mans hand reaching out tohelp another man's hand.

You could select a charity in your area who serves people in need.  Perhaps a homeless shelter or an organization that works with women who are fleeing domestic violence.  Maybe a nursing home or hospice.  Then write your note of encouragement from the heart.  Mail it to the organization along with a note saying that you would like them to give your note to someone who needs a healthy dose of joy.  And if you want, you could include a donation to help their cause.

Or you may want to give it personally to a stranger you meet on the street who is obviously in need.  COVID has certainly compounded our homelessness and poverty crisis, so if you are so inclined, include some cash with your note.

But the important thing is that you must make this gesture of generosity without expectation.  It’s not your job to control how the note (or money) is used.   If you’ve selected a reputable charity, trust that your note and donation will be well used.  And if you’ve given some cash and a note to a stranger on the street, trust that you’ve brightened their day, no matter how they chose to use it.  Again, it’s not up to you.  The gift must be from your joyful heart and without conditions.

And be sure to read next Wednesday’s blog for your last assignment in September’s “Five Letters of Generosity” series. It will send ripples of joy energy out to a receptive planet.

And until next week, keep your frequency high, your mind open, and your joy ever expanding!

Love from your Joy Mama,

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P.S.    If you haven’t already read my book Being Joy™, it’s a simple 40-day practice of replacing old self-defeating beliefs with new empowering joy habits. As your vibrational frequency increases, you’ll not only experience more joy, but you’ll also be a beacon of hope for others who have forgotten their own joy.  Please join me on this important Joy Revolution by ordering your copy today!

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