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Gloria Stewart

Gloria Stewart is a joy and abundance activist who has been an entrepreneur and teacher from the time she was a small girl. An activist at heart, Gloria always looked for opportunities to help create change that would make a difference.

It was no accident that for the past 30 years, Gloria has been a respected business owner and consultant to social purpose organizations where she has been able to blend her leadership and creative abilities with her social conscience.

Still active as a consultant to the sector, Gloria has also embarked upon a deeper commitment to elevate the human spirit as an Author and creator of the Being Joy™ 40-Day program, and book and as a Certified Soul Coach. Incorporating several high vibrational frequency tools into her program, workshops and coaching sessions, Gloria is joyfully serving her new community of Vancouver Island where she recently relocated to.

As a new grandmother, Gloria expects her “Third Act” to be the most profound and meaningful as she leads a new generation of joy activists.

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