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Gloria Stewart Being Joy Book

Being Joy™

Is joy the same as happiness? Is happiness the same as bliss? Is bliss the same as joy?

I asked myself these questions as I sat at my hotel desk to start this book. Staring out the window at the majestic mountains and forest that cocooned my room in the beautiful Kananaskis country of Alberta that busy Easter weekend, my tranquil thoughts were soon interrupted.

I noticed that I was becoming agitated by the sound of loud noises and laughter outside my door from the throngs of children and their families who had taken over the hotel for the holiday weekend. After a few minutes of quiet indignation, I suddenly realized that the sounds I was hearing were the sounds of joy. The children and the mountains had answered my question.

Joy is the feeling – the transformational juice that leads to all else. Without joy in your heart, there can be no bliss. In fact, joy is the highest frequency emotion there is!

Joy is an internal state of being and is at the core of how you and I were always meant to feel. Just like a child whose delight bubbles over in giddiness, the innocence and authenticity of joy lies within each of us. This book is my attempt to help you return to your natural state of joy and in so doing, change the world. Let me explain.

Our world is in turmoil. Read any newspaper or listen to the radio, nightly news or internet story and you’ll hear about the latest murder, suicide, world conflict, domestic violence, poverty, homelessness, epidemic diseases and natural disasters. We live in a fear-based society and it’s difficult to get away from the barrage of negativity.

People are time-stressed, nutrient-starved, over-medicated, disease-ridden and disconnected from each other. They turn to substances like drugs, alcohol, food, sex, shopping and gambling to dull their pain rather than discover the root cause of their emptiness. In fact, the global increase in the use of anti-anxiety medication and the alarming rise in depression, violence and suicide cannot be taken lightly.

And physical diseases like cancer, chronic-fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia are a common occurrence today; in large part due to a mind, body, and spirit that are out of balance. It’s no wonder that millions of people have lost hope that it will ever get better. But it can!

‘Being Joy™’ is a book about hope. About discovering your joy and turning it into medicine for a hurting world. This 40-day program — a movement actually — will take you on a magnificent journey of self discovery and renewal.

I call it a movement because I truly believe that you and I have been called to heal the world through joy. As each one of us becomes more joyful, we will inspire those who will attract others and hence a movement is born – the Law of Attraction in perfect precision and unfoldment.

This book is divided into 40 chapters, each covering an important topic for each day of the program. You’ve likely heard that it takes about a month or so to form a new habit. I’ve settled on the number 40 as it has been the number I have personally used to make a number of major changes in my own life. In fact, in Rick Warren’s best-selling book The Purpose Driven Life, he has listed several biblical references for how God used the power of 40 days to prepare people for important purposes. So, think of this as your very own Divine purpose – a ”joyful habit” in the making!

My suggestion is that you follow the program for 40 consecutive days, reading each chapter in the morning along with the daily affirmation you’ll find at the end of each chapter throughout the day. I’ve also included a daily activity to help reinforce the day’s theme. At the end of each day spend a few minutes recording your thoughts and observations at the end of each chapter along with assessing your joy on the Joy-meter. You can repeat for another 40 days or simply open the book to a chapter that resonates with you after you have already completed the initial 40 day cycle.

My intention for this book is to assist you in living an amazingly joy-filled and abundant life. For as you increase the joy in your life, you will elevate your own vibrational frequency which in turn will naturally intensify the power of your manifestations.

But remember, joy is a choice. If you want more joy, you need to BE JOY. Rediscover it for yourself. Your soul has been yearning for it. And it’s been waiting for your return home!

Joyfully yours,

Gloria Stewart signature

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