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Gloria Stewart Being Joy BookAre you a highly sensitive being who is struggling with the uncertainty of our times? Does your heart break from all the political, economic, and social turbulence surrounding us? Do you feel overwhelmed, lost, disconnected, and disillusioned? If so, you’ve found the right place.

You’ve been suffering because you know, deep down at your soul level that there must be a better way. You hunger to know your purpose and be part of something bigger than yourself. You just need some help answering the call.

I understand. I felt like that too.

For many years I suppressed that voice inside that was trying to send me messages to help guide the sacred journey I had signed up for before I was born.

As a consequence I felt rudderless. I bounced from relationship to relationship, home to home, business venture to business venture — always searching but never really landing where I knew I was meant to be.

And in the process, I went from illness to illness by over-indulging in tobacco, alcohol, shopping, and food in my attempt to numb my feelings of impatience and doubt.

Finally the Universe got my attention in a way that could not be ignored.

It was a beautiful sunny spring weekend. I was on what a called my annual “spiritual sabbatical” in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta when I was clearly guided to write this book. It took three years before the message would be clear enough for me to finish it, then to fully embody it’s energy.

The book I was guided to write, Being Joy®, is a 40-day practice intended to take you on a transformative journey of self discovery and renewal. Its aim is to help you tune-in to your own inner wisdom so that you can remember your joy – that special state of high vibration that you were born with and just forgot along the way.

Throughout your 40-day process, you’ll begin to replace old self-defeating beliefs with new empowering joy habits. And as you become more joyful, your vibrational energy will increase, giving you an enhanced clarity of thought and the ability to better understand your own purpose.

But Being Joy® is bigger than this book. I have been guided to lead a movement of inspired beings like you, who will heal themselves and change the world through the high vibration of joy energy. I have finally remembered my mission!

This is the beginning of a Joy Revolution of hope, for yourself and for the planet. You see, joy is a verb. It must be put into sacred action to make lasting change happen.

Will you join me? You know it’s your time. Be the joy!

Joyfully yours,

Your Joy Mama

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