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Joy Medicine Cards

I’ve created a great companion for my Being Joy® book a 40-day card deck. It’s simple to use and acts as a convenient reminder about each day’s new joy habit. Carry the cards with you or display where you can be reminded of the message each day. And if you wish, you can also do card readings for yourself or others by requesting a free download of the Joy Medicine Card Guidebook when you purchase your abundant card deck for joy

How to work the Joy Medicine

To begin, I recommend using your Joy Medicine Cards in chronological order, starting with Card #1 for Day #1 and then working with each card for a full day before moving onto the next day.

Then repeat again for another month, or blow your intention into the deck, asking for a card that will guide your thoughts and feelings for the day. Shuffle and then stop when you feel guided to or when a card “jumps” from the deck.

If you have a copy of the downloadable Joy Medicine Guidebook, you can gain deeper insight into each card’s message as there are messages from the energies of the numbers, chakras and animal guides.

For optimum results, read the affirmation on the back of each card during the day.

How to Order

Joy Medicine Cards are priced affordably at $16.95 plus shipping and handling. Combine with a Being Joy® book for $39.95 + S & H.

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