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quote by TagoreThe Joy Revolution is about you. And it’s about me. Its about living in the highest state of joy vibration so that we can collectively shift the energy of our planet to a more conscious, balanced, peaceful and equitable world for all of us. At it’s core, it’s about service.

So why is vibration important?

You see, everything is energy.

People and environments are alive, connected and changing. Every atom in the universe has a specific vibratory motion. And each vibration has a frequency.

Because joy, love and gratitude are the highest vibrational frequencies there are, living in those states offers you the opportunity to transcend the ordinary and live the extraordinary.

When you live in the high vibration of joy energy, you feel more balanced, peaceful, accepted, grateful, generous, inspired and on purpose. And in that state you act as a magnet for others who want to be aligned with that same high energy as well.

That’s how we shift the energy of the planet – one vibration at a time.

And we have no time to spare.

Our world is in turmoil. Read any newspaper or listen to the radio, nightly news, or internet story and you’ll hear about homelessness, domestic violence, poverty, or the latest murder, suicide, world conflict, epidemic disease, mass shooting or natural disaster. We live in a fear-based society and it’s difficult to get away from the barrage of negativity.

People are time-stressed, nutrient-starved, over-medicated, disease-ridden, and disconnected from each other. They turn to substances like drugs, alcohol, food, sex, shopping, and gambling to dull their pain rather than discover the root cause of their emptiness. In fact, the global increase in the use of anti-anxiety medication and the alarming rise in depression, violence, and suicide cannot be taken lightly.

Physical diseases like cancer and chronic-fatigue syndrome are common occurrences today – in large part due to minds, bodies, and spirits that are out of balance. It’s no wonder that millions of people have lost hope that it will ever get better.

But it can.

I wrote the following dedication as a call to action. To help awaken our collective memories and mobilize our passion to spread joy energy, one person at a time. Thank you for doing your part!


For all you noble citizens who share this world with me
and want to make your meaning last please listen to my plea.
Mother Earth weeps tears for us, she feels our sickness growing.
Through anger, judgement, sadness blooms and keeps our hearts from glowing.
She calls upon us, young and old to heal our spirits, knowing
that joy remembered is joy returned,
your joy will keep life flowing.

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