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Want to live with more joy and purpose?

Being Joy® is a comprehensive 40-day practice, ideally suited for highly sensitive beings who are struggling with the uncertainty of our times. People who are overwhelmed with worry and short on inspiration. It this sounds like you or someone you know, then you were meant to find this book. By taking a few minutes each day to tune into your inner wisdom through the help of my book’s simple daily practices, you will elevate your vibrational frequency of joy energy and remember the mission you chose to fulfill in this lifetime. You will feel more peaceful, balanced, and on purpose.

Words from the Author

I was guided to write a book to help you relinquish your addiction to fear and suffering, by remembering your natural state of joy. For it is in this high vibrational energy where all the magic happens. Through a 40-day practice of Being Joy®, you can heal your life and be the catalyst for change in the world. Join this Joy Revolution of hope. Be Joy!

Love from your Joy Mama

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