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May 2020 be the year of joyful renewal anad significent transformation - Being Joy

Are you an avid reader?

Looking for some great reads to help you with weight loss in 2020? How about fitness goals?  Or maybe you’ve decided that 2020 will be your year to deepen your meditation and visualization abilities.

Perhaps this year is about ridding yourself of ailments and diseases you have been coping with (you can really do this!)  Or do you need help with relationships?  How about how to attract more financial abundance?  Could your business or new venture use some renewal?

Well, I’m going to share some of my favourite books to get you started.

Here are seven great resources to help you with your 2020 intentions, all focused on helping you become a renewed version of your previous self.  I hope you enjoy!

Girl making changes in the wind

Weight Loss

What are you Hungry For?” by Deepak Chopra.

This book really made a difference for me this past year.  I set out in January to lose weight and become more active and vibrant.  I started working with Charlotte Crowley, a great holistic nutritionist in my area who put together a personalized plan for me and this book helped to fill in the spiritual side of my overall health and wellbeing. I’m proud to report that I’ve lost 70 lbs. this year and I have never felt better.  Thanks Charlotte and Deepak!


“Aging Backwards” by Miranda Esmonde-White.

I’ve had this book ever since it came out in 2014 (probably saw her program on PBS). I hate to admit it but I never read it.  That is until I started to lose weight and wanted to get back into a fitness program. I’m not much of a “going to the gym” girl.  Because I work from home, I like to be able to integrate everything in my life on my timetable.  So this book literally jumped off my bookshelf and said, “read me”.  Which I did.  And wow!  The method she created is all about stretch and movement and she explains in understandable detail why her approach is so successful for helping you reverse the aging process.  And I’m all about that.  It’s well worth reading or getting some of her DVD’s.


“The Diabetes Code” by Dr. Jason Fung.

This book blew my mind!  I already knew the body could heal itself, but I honestly never believed I could reverse the diabetes diagnosis I was given more than 20 years ago.  Because my weight has been coming off, my meds have decreased but I never realized that I could actually be off all the drugs completely.  It’s a powerful science-based book that’s simple to understand and was a huge revelation for me.  Even if you don’t have diabetes, you’ll learn how to prevent it.  (Thanks, Charlotte Crowley, for recommending this one to me.)


“Getting into the Vortex”  by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

This is a powerful little book and CD that I listen to every day for my morning meditation.  It has four main areas – General Well-being, Financial Abundance, Physical Well-being and Relationships.  So often it’s hard to find good resources about relationships, so that’s why I’ve included this gem in my list of faves.  But you’ll also benefit from the Financial Abundance meditation as well as the other two.

Deeper Meditation and Visualization

“Becoming Supernatural” by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

I was fortunate to attend the Science & Spirituality Conference that was held in Nanaimo in June 2018 at which Dr. Joe was one of the presenters.  This book had just come out and his presentation was very powerful.  I felt that I wasn’t ready for the content yet, so put it aside, but as my weight has come off, and I’ve been feeling more clarity and energy than ever before, this book beckoned me from my shelf, and I knew this was the right time.  I’m only about 20 pages in so far, but I’m so excited about what’s to come.  Practicing his methodology is one of my 2020 intentions and I can’t wait!


“Purple Cow” by Seth Godin.

This is an oldie but a goodie.  Still as relevant today as it was when it first came out in 2002.  I’ve given several copies of this to people I know because it continually inspires me to create businesses, projects, and my own life that are remarkable, which is what this little book is all about.  So if you are looking to “transform your business by being remarkable” in 2020, you’ll enjoy this one!

Help for all of the above & then some!

Being Joy” by yours truly – Gloria Stewart.

Well, I couldn’t leave my own book out of the mix!  And it really is one of my favourites which I use every day. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a comprehensive 40-day practice to help if you’re feeling that something is missing in your life. Perhaps you don’t feel the same passion for what you do anymore or who you are. Or you may feel overwhelmed with worry and short on inspiration.  You just want to remember what real joy feels like again.

By taking a few minutes each day to read the chapter about the daily joy habit and do a simple activity, you’ll start to re-wire your brain to feel the joy you’ve been hungry for. Topics cover forty different themes such as worthiness, gratitude, forgiveness, inspiration, abundance, balance, purpose, and passion. It’s the complete practice to help you feel renewed as you cement your intentions for the year.

Well, there you have it.  Seven resources to help guide your renewal and transformation in 2020.  Remember, you can do whatever you believe you can.  You are entirely up to you!

Love from your Joy Mama!

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P.S.  To order your own copy of Being Joy, just click here.

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