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Meditate on your vision

In today’s blog, I share a very simple meditation practice to help reinforce your 2020 intentions from either the collage you did from last week’s post, or if you haven’t done one, then to help you visualize what you want your renewed self to look like this year. And for those of you who did do your collage, you’ll discover some useful information on how to interpret your collage.   We'll start with the meditation...
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Write your own story

Have you ever done a vision board before?  How was it for you? There are plenty of resources online that teach how to do them.  Or you can take a class and have fun doing yours in a group.  Or you can just decide to sit down with a heap of magazines and make your own dream board. I’ve done a few in the past. Some looked like just a bunch of random words and pictures. That is, until I learned a new way of interpreting them in a much deeper way, which inevitably helped me to write my better story for my future self. Want to learn what I learned?
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Looking within to determine your future

I hope the start of your new year has been great and that you’ve set some intentions that will be good for your joyful spirit. I was busy leading up to New Year’s Day in reflection of the past year.  In fact, I actually looked back at the last decade, celebrating my progress and honouring the challenges for the blessing of growth. I love this time of renewal.  I love the process of going within to discover what really matters to me.  I love the silent optimism that swells in my heart.  And I love the hopeful anticipation of seeing my new intentions manifest at exactly the right time.  This month is all about you.  Of the things you want to leave behind to make room for the new beginnings of the new year.  It’s about your vision of who and what you want to become.  But sometimes we need a little guidance to discover what our soul is telling us. Perhaps I can help.
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Looking for renewal and transformation in 2020?

Are you an avid reader?  Looking for some great reads to help you with weight loss in 2020? How about fitness goals?  Or maybe you’ve decided that 2020 will be your year to deepen your meditation and visualization abilities. Perhaps this year is about ridding yourself of ailments and diseases you have been coping with (you can really do this!)  Or do you need help with relationships?  How about how to attract more financial abundance?  Could your business or new venture use some renewal? Well, I’m going to share some of my favourite books to get you started.    Here are seven great resources to help you with your 2020 intentions, all focused on helping you become a renewed version of your previous self.  I hope you enjoy!
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