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"I'm going to make you so proud!" - note to self

Have you ever done a vision board before?

How was it for you?

There are plenty of resources online that teach how to do them.  Or you can take a class and have fun doing yours in a group.  Or you can just decide to sit down with a heap of magazines and make your own dream board.

I’ve done a few in the past. Some looked like just a bunch of random words and pictures. That is, until I learned a new way of interpreting them in a much deeper way, which inevitably helped me to write my better story for my future self.

Want to learn what I learned?

In 2017, I was certified as a Soul Coaching Practitioner through Denise Linn’s International Institute of Soul Coaching®.  One of the activities taught through her program is what is called a Soul Coaching Collage®.

This is similar to vision or dream boards but far deeper, in that, as Denise puts it “initiates a spiritual awakening.”  For me, that’s synonymous with renewal of spirit.

Denise’s approach explains that once you’ve meditated on the finished collage (I’ll be explaining how to do that in next week’s blog), you’ll hang it somewhere in your space to reinforce its messages.

She says, “This kind of collage is like an altar in the way it can impact your space with positive energy.” 

You don’t even have to look at it every day to benefit from the vibration of the messages you’ve created for your new story.  But if you were to look at it and feel the positive emotions it holds right before going to sleep each night, you would be imprinting those new realities into your sub-conscious, telling it that it has already happened.  What a great way to accelerate the evolution of the renewed you!

fantasy image of open book with a tree and forest portrayed.

Ready to get started? 

This is what you’ll need:

  • Poster board or some kind of heavier board to mount your images on
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick (that’s my favourite and easiest way to mount)
  • Markers or different colours of pencil crayons
  • Magazines with lots of positive images (I like O Magazine or Simple Abundance or other health-oriented magazine, but you could use travel brochures or anything else that’s going to help portray your story)
  • Other things like feathers, beads, leaves – whatever else appeals to you and would help with your story

Now let’s begin the collage:

  • First of all, it’s a good idea to get still and centered and focus on the mental picture of the renewed you.
  • Then you’re going to take those magazines and just start tearing out the pages that appeal to you. Don’t cut anything out yet, just let your intuition guide you towards the pages you like.
  • Once you’re done tearing, then cut out the images and words you like and put them in a pile.
  • Then go through the pile and decide which ones you’ll use and put the others aside.
  • Now is the fun part. Arrange them on the board and start pasting them down.  Add any embellishments you want.
  • Then prop up your board and step back to look at it in its entirety. What is it telling you about the story you’re writing for yourself?
  • Sit with it and meditate on it for a moment. (I’ll share a full meditation you can do to deepen your awareness of your collage messages in next week’s blog)
  • Then hang your board somewhere that you want to feel the energy of it every day.

And there you have it. Have fun!

Next week, I’ll share the meditation I spoke of as well as a new technique you can use to interpret your collage.  You’ll learn how your conscious and subconscious minds work together to help you set and achieve your intentions. It will be a great read!

Love from your Joy Mama!

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