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Love yourself as much as you love others

With just two more days until Valentine’s Day, this week’s blog is about how living with an open heart can soften the resistance that may be blocking your joy. Being open-hearted means being flexible and not rigid.  And it means allowing yourself to be vulnerable. To me, it’s the combination of both of these elements that opens you up to the truth of yourself.  As Neale Donald Walsch said, “When the heart is cracked open, we access the most profound human secret of life and that is the secret of your true identity.” To crack open your heart means to let go, to allow yourself to be seen, not just by others, but by yourself as well. It’s where the real power lies.
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Meditate on your vision

In today’s blog, I share a very simple meditation practice to help reinforce your 2020 intentions from either the collage you did from last week’s post, or if you haven’t done one, then to help you visualize what you want your renewed self to look like this year. And for those of you who did do your collage, you’ll discover some useful information on how to interpret your collage.   We'll start with the meditation...
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Write your own story

Have you ever done a vision board before?  How was it for you? There are plenty of resources online that teach how to do them.  Or you can take a class and have fun doing yours in a group.  Or you can just decide to sit down with a heap of magazines and make your own dream board. I’ve done a few in the past. Some looked like just a bunch of random words and pictures. That is, until I learned a new way of interpreting them in a much deeper way, which inevitably helped me to write my better story for my future self. Want to learn what I learned?
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