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Full moon quote by Gloria Stewart - "Let the full moon be a time of release so that yyour soul opens fully, remembering what joy eels like."

This month’s full moon is coming in a couple of days – September 13 – and what an interesting day for it to be occurring…

Friday the 13th!

I’ve never been someone that has fretted about Friday the 13th.  Because I know that worrying about something only puts attention on the thing that I don’t want, and it is more likely to happen if that’s where my focus is.  That’s really how the law of attraction works.  What we focus on, whether we want it or not, is what will show up for us.  So best to watch your thoughts this Friday.

And my thoughts will be on release.

The full moon is the time to release all those things that no longer serve you so that you can let in all the things you want in your life.

It could be you want to release a habit or pattern of behavior that is getting in the way of your joy.

It could even be someone in your present or past life that you would like to release from your emotional and spiritual life. That’s where it can get really interesting and I encourage you to do some exploration in this area if you are interested.

In my newsletter this month, I mentioned some great resources for space clearing and cord cutting.  If you don’t currently get my newsletter, you can sign-up here.

Every full moon I like to engage in a sacred practice of release for myself.  This is what I do.

I like to sit at my dining room table for my full moon ceremony.  I make sure it is cleared away from any clutter, keeping just the things I will be using for my ceremony.

I put on some beautiful music.  Lately, I’ve been playing a CD I have of singing bowls, as the frequency of the tones helps to put me in the right frequency for my ceremony.

I light a candle on the table and another one on my altar that I have above my fireplace.  I strongly encourage you to find a space in your home where you can create a sacred altar.  It can be anything you want it to be.  This is what mine looks like with crystals, candles, incense and objects that are meaningful to me.  But you can put any objects that have meaning to you.  It is your sacred space and a place you can visit for prayer, reflection or to express your gratitude.

Alter above fireplace with mirror and candles

I light some incense, or I smudge my space.  Sometimes I do both.

I run a lovely warm salt bath so that I can wash away my day and let the salt water purify my skin and my thoughts.  I usually add a few drops of the Young Living Blend Release to some salts and then into the water.  Smells heavenly.

Once I’ve had a relaxing bath, I return to the table and begin my ritual.  I usually put a few drops of Release essential oil on my wrists so that I can inhale its healing properties.  I often anoint my third eye chakra with Frankincense.  Then I begin.

I write down all the things I want to release on a piece of paper.  I take my time and really think about why I want to release them and how I’ll feel when they are no longer influencing my joy.  When I’m done, I tear up the piece of paper and immerse it in a small dish of salt water.  In the morning, I ball up the paper and then bury it in the ground outside for the land to take back those energies and transmute them into positive energy.  If you like, burn them in your fireplace.  Either way is fine.  And it’s all about the intention you are putting on the ritual that makes the difference.

I do an oracle card reading for myself.  I have been using my own deck lately, my Joy Medicine Cards as I’ve found the readings quite profound.  But you can use whichever deck you like.  And if you’re new to oracle cards, there are plenty of good online resources to tell you about them.  I’ve recently created an extensive downloadable guidebook for my deck so that people who purchase my cards can do their own readings.  If this is of interest to you, just shoot me an email at

A pile of spreadout Being Joy oracle cards

If the moon is visible, I go outside and stand where I can see it.  Then I close my eyes and feel the energy of its glow.  If it’s not visible, I go outside and imagine it all the same. Then I give thanks and go back inside.

I usually leave everything as is on the table until the morning and then put things away.  I like to let the energy of that sacred space to be undisturbed for a few hours. Then I try and go to bed right away, breathing in the aroma of Release essential oil in my diffuser on my bedside table.  Believe me, I sleep with peace.

So that’s what I do.  But you can do whatever you like.

I know people who do their entire ceremony outside and if that works for you, then do that.  It doesn’t really matter what you do.  It’s the intention you set and the mindfulness in which you bring the sacred act of communing with your own soul that will help you release stagnant energies so that you can remember your joy!

Happy Full Moon, my lovely Joy Being!

Love from your Joy Mama,

Gloria Stewart signature

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