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Do you have attachments you would like to release?

I’ve heard both Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer say, “Be open to everything and attached to nothing.”  A less stressful way to live a joyful life in my opinion. But what if you’re not sure how to release attachments you have to people, things, or patterns? I have to admit, in the beginning I had a hard time with the topic of detachment because I equated being detached from not really wanting something.  And as a type A driver, who was always very goal-oriented, I was confused about setting goals but then telling myself to not be concerned about the outcome. This quote from Deepak from his book Creating Affluence really helped me to understand detachment more clearly:
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How to release your attachment to worry

We can all succumb to worry from time to time.  It’s natural to let the turmoil of the world get in our heads and stress us out.  But what if I told you there were some practical ways to reduce your attachment to worry so you can return to joy.  Would you be interested? I’ve found some great ways to change worry habits into joy habits.  And they work!  Let’s dive in for a closer look.
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Let in the new by releasing the old

This month’s full moon is coming in a couple of days - September 13 - and what an interesting day for it to be occurring... Friday the 13th! I’ve never been someone that has fretted about Friday the 13th.  Because I know that worrying about something only puts attention on the thing that I don’t want, and it is more likely to happen if that’s where my focus is.  That’s really how the law of attraction works.  What we focus on, whether we want it or not, is what will show up for us.  So best to watch your thoughts this Friday.
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Is control getting in the way of your joy?

Is control one of your barriers to joy and abundance? Is it a habit you think may be getting in the way of your wellbeing? Is it something you would like to release? In the free document I give people who sign-up for my newsletter, I’ve identified what I call the 8 Barriers to Joy and Abundance.  And one of the big ones is control. See if you can recognize yourself in any of these scenarios:
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