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Is control one of your barriers to joy and abundance?

Is it a habit you think may be getting in the way of your wellbeing?

Is it something you would like to release?

In the free document I give people who sign-up for my newsletter, I’ve identified what I call the 8 Barriers to Joy and Abundance.  And one of the big ones is control.

See if you can recognize yourself in any of these scenarios:

  • You feel anxious if things aren’t done your way.
  • You worry that something bad might happen if you’re not “in control”.
  • You like to tell others what to do because you know you’re right.
  • You complain or judge others who don’t behave the way you think they should.
  • You sense that being controlling might be interfering with your relationships

Here’s the deal about control. The feeling of having to control everything is actually based on fear.

Fear leads to desperation and begging for what you want. And desperation blocks your joy and abundance. The more you struggle to control things so that you can have what you desire, the more you actually push it away because you are fixated on the “lack” of the thing you say you want.

When you insist on being in control, you are so attached to the outcome that you may not notice the signs that are directing you to a better path and even a quicker outcome.  By trying to control all the details, you’re putting up resistance and resistance blocks the flow of what you truly desire.

You need to release your control and get out of the way to let things unfold the way they are. You need to give the Universe the space to deliver what you’ve asked for.

You see, it isn’t your job to make things happenit’s your job to allow them to happen!

Is control one of your barriers to joy and abundance?

Ask yourself where this came from.  Do you want to release it?

Start by admitting to yourself that control is a habit you would like to change. Then start noticing the times when you are letting control take over.

The first step is always awareness.

Then stop and take a breath.

Then exhale.

Blow out the heaviness of the resistance you’ve been holding so tightly.

Appreciate where you are right now.  Appreciate others.  Appreciate everything around you.

Acknowledge that you and everyone else is doing the best they can and that’s good enough.

Let go.


That’s a start.

Here’s a great article by Madisyn Taylor that helps to make my point.

In next week’s blog, I’ll be talking about some release work you can do during the full moon on September 13 that may help shift some trapped control energy you’ve been carrying

And stay tuned to an exciting Gloria Live that I’ll be doing on Facebook September 18 with an expert in the field of emotional release.

Many more great resources coming your way.

EnJOY your day you lovely Joy Being!

Love from your Joy Mama,

Gloria Stewart signature

P.S. Have you downloaded my free eBook yet? Learn how to recognize and eliminate your joy blockers with 8 Barriers to Joy & Abundance.

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