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Sometimes you can get so tied up thinking about negative things that happened in the past that you stay stuck in old stories that keep you trapped in looping energies that steal your joy. When that happens you blame and you shame. You keep playing that old story tape over and over again somehow believing that if you just keep thinking about it that you can change the outcome. Well we all know where that leads.

When you start to go down that rabbit hole, pause, take a deep breath and begin to follow the way of the gentle being. Move gracefully. Listen to peaceful music. Speak softly. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll gain perspective and allow the joy to come back in when you follow the path of the gentle being. This is what I mean.

The gentle being is simply a state of mind that is calm. It is the opposite of anxiety. And it doesn’t let the ego in to disrupt the joy. You see, it’s the ego that is holding you hostage to the old story – keeping you in victimhood, in judgement and condemnation. Ego wants you to stay stuck so that you can delude yourself into thinking you’re in control. But the past is the past and “What it was is what it was”. Ain’t nobody or nothin’s gonna change that!

So I ask you to surrender to the calm instead of the ego’s hold. Follow the way of the gentle being. And before you know it, the ego’s grip will lessen, and your joy will return to the way you were always meant to feel.

Love from your Joy Mama

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