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The way of the gentle being…

Sometimes you can get so tied up thinking about negative things that happened in the past that you stay stuck in old stories that keep you trapped in looping energies that steal your joy. When that happens you blame and you shame. You keep playing that old story tape over and over again somehow believing that if you just keep thinking about it that you can change the outcome. Well we all know where that leads.
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A love letter to gentle fathers everywhere.

With Father’s Day this Sunday, I wanted to send a special message out to all those men who are fathers – past and present. For me, this time of year is bitter-sweet as my own father passed away in 2011.

A gentle man and a gentleman, as everyone who knew him always said, he influenced me in ways that I am only now beginning to fully understand. And one of his greatest gifts to our family was his deep and abiding love for my mother.

As children, we knew we were loved, but we also knew my mom came first in my father’s eyes. Now that may seem odd to some or even appear to be selfish on his part. But my dad understood that the strength of the family came from the strong foundation of the parents and the modelling of affection and respect that they showed for their children. That gave us great security and taught us what real love looked like. It was kind and it was gentle.
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Redefining a good man in the 21st century

It’s unfortunate that many of the males in western society have fallen victim to the hypnosis of inter-generational social conditioning that has told them gentleness is a sign of weakness. And that to express emotions somehow makes them less of a man. Our current state of global conflict and the rising suicide rate among men should be sending a strong signal that gender equality is about much more than pay equity. It’s about balance. This is what I mean.

Many of today’s males are struggling to find their place. The new “sensitives” often hide their gentleness for fear of ridicule by their peers. They are often the ones who succumb to substances to numb their isolation. And when things get too out of balance, many end it all. I’ve often said that when women get depressed, they take Prozac but when men get depressed, they take their lives. That needs to change!
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