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Being Joy Gloria Stewart

I’ve written a special poem to close off this month’s celebration of those gentle men in our lives who are helping to bring a much-needed balance back into our world. If you have one, let him know he is important. And if you don’t, look around…you might even find one walking beside you down a path.

A gentle man strolled down the path.
He smiled with heart so deep.
An ageless wonder filled his eyes.
A touch that made me weep.

But mine were tears of love and joy
for I had felt his grace.
This gentle man had filled my soul
with peace upon his face.

His way was calm, his words were few.
He never raised his voice.
And when it came for me to leave
I knew it was my choice.

The gift he sent away with me
was but a simple one –
“It’s gentleness that heals,” he said,
“For you, Thy will be done.”

~ Copyright © 2019 by Gloria Stewart

Love from your Joy Mama

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