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If you recall in the feature article from this month’s newsletter, I was told I was too much of a Pollyanna when I was younger.

And for a while I listened – thinking they must have known best.

But once I decided to see being referred to as a Pollyanna not as an insult but as admiration, then I resumed being my authentic self, trying as best I could to be in a state of happy joy more often than not.

And it has served me well.

You see, once I understood that I’m entirely up to me, and that I can choose best-feeling thoughts and optimism over fear, blame, shame, judgement, or criticism, things began to improve in my life. My health got better. My relationships improved. My intuition sharpened and my spirit began to soar.

Like everything, optimism is a choice.

So my challenge to you is. Stop listening to what others think you should be or do or feel. Listen to your own heartbeat. It knows the truth of you. Be like Pollyanna. Feel the optimism and let it take you places you’ve always dreamed were possible.

Love from your Joy Mama

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