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Wayne Dyer quote

I heard Wayne Dyer say that quote once – not sure if he originated it or if someone else coined the phrase but it has always stuck with me.

The point is, no one knows everything therefore why would we want to set limitations on our thinking and our eventual outcomes.

Sometimes people say to themselves, “Well I’m just being realistic.”

But that comes from a limited view of what’s real and what is not.

Because we create our own reality, why wouldn’t we want to imagine and be optimistic about a great reality in the future? It’s how we think in this present moment that defines what will occur in our future reality.

So I choose optimism.

My vibration increases when I believe that all things are possible. It fills me with creativity and inspiration. And I am a much more joyful human being, able to share my good vibes with others.

I found a great little online quiz for you that will help you determine if you are an optimist or pessimist. Give it a try. You might surprise yourself.

Love from your Joy Mama

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