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Release and be grateful during the full moon tonight

It’s a full moon tonight!  How appropriate that this week’s blog falls on a full moon and that this month’s joy habit is gratitude! If you’ve been a regular reader of my weekly blogs and monthly newsletter, you know that I do my own monthly moon ceremonies – at new moon and at full moon.  Since the full moon is the time of release when you let go so that you can let in all the things you desire, I view gratitude as a form of release.  This is what I mean.
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Let in the new by releasing the old

This month’s full moon is coming in a couple of days - September 13 - and what an interesting day for it to be occurring... Friday the 13th! I’ve never been someone that has fretted about Friday the 13th.  Because I know that worrying about something only puts attention on the thing that I don’t want, and it is more likely to happen if that’s where my focus is.  That’s really how the law of attraction works.  What we focus on, whether we want it or not, is what will show up for us.  So best to watch your thoughts this Friday.
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