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Be grateful for your “enough-ness”

As a serial joy and abundance activist, I’ve learned that one of the biggest barriers to living a life of ultimate joy is the illusion that there’s not enough. In fact, staying in the frequency of fear only perpetuates this myth by attracting more “lack” because you are unconsciously summoning experiences that validate your current belief of lack. But by expressing gratitude for all the things you do have – a roof over your head, warm running water, food in your belly, people you can count on, is the fastest way to joy.
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Release and be grateful during the full moon tonight

It’s a full moon tonight!  How appropriate that this week’s blog falls on a full moon and that this month’s joy habit is gratitude! If you’ve been a regular reader of my weekly blogs and monthly newsletter, you know that I do my own monthly moon ceremonies – at new moon and at full moon.  Since the full moon is the time of release when you let go so that you can let in all the things you desire, I view gratitude as a form of release.  This is what I mean.
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Gratitude is the gift you give yourself

Cultures throughout the world set aside a special day of the year or an entire season to give thanks. For example, in North America we celebrate “Thanksgiving” in October for Canada and November in the United States.  China celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival, Germany has Erntedankfest (Harvest Festival).  In Japan there is the celebration of Kinrō Kansha no Hi (Labor Thanksgiving Day), Vietnam has Têt-Trung-Thu Festival and India celebrates Pongal. All countries include some kind of ritual as part of their annual celebration. And although dedicating a day or season to express appreciation is a wonderful way to practice gratitude, I believe you can express your thanks more often with a sense of ritual as well. 
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