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quote over indigo mandala - “Three things that cannot long stay hidden. The Sun. The Moon. And the Truth.” ~ Buddha

I’m going out on a limb here.

All month I’ve been sharing my thoughts about the subject of truth, how to interpret it and how our perception of truth adapts over time when our beliefs shift. But some truths are universal. This is what I mean.

As this is the last blog dedicated to the joy habit about truth from Chapter 34 of my book Being Joy™, I wanted to cap it off by talking about truths that we can all agree are legitimate, like the sun and the moon. We see them and accept that they are real. We may give different meanings to them based on our spirituality or scientific understanding, but nevertheless, we agree that they exist.

stone carving of a moon with a face

We also know the earth is round. We can all agree to this truth, even though hundreds of years ago the common belief was that it was flat. I wonder what other beliefs we share today that will be debunked in the next hundred years? It will be interesting to see what future generations accept as truth.

But here’s my concern.

Yes, we can all agree to most things that are visible. But what about the things that aren’t. I’m talking specifically about the untruths that are told and shared about the things that really matter – things like our health, the state of the economy, and the rights and freedoms of all people.

flat rocks with words on them - truth, faith, courage, joy, love, etc.

I watched an amazing interview last month when the Nobel Prizes were being awarded. The interview was with Maria Ressa of the Philippines who shared the Nobel Peace Prize 2021 with Dmitry Muratov of Russia for their efforts to safeguard freedom of expression.

Co-founder of the digital media company Rappler, Ressa made a comment that really struck to the core of the subject of truth and the negative consequences of not having it. And I quote:

“When you say a lie a million times it becomes a fact. When you don’t have facts, you can’t have truth. When you don’t have truth, you don’t have shared reality. You can’t have democracy. You can’t have any kind of meaningful human interaction to solve the existential problems we face.”

Yes, we should all have the right to speak our truth. But it is our responsibility to ensure it is “the truth” before we accept it as fact. Check the source. Facts matter. Truth matters and it impacts us all.

I believe that when you are living in right relationship with the earth and in alignment with the truth of the universe, your soul knows it. Trust it as your divine source. And that my friend is joyful living.

Love from your Joy Mama,

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P.S. One of the biggest reasons that people choose to not accept universal truths is that they don’t feel aligned within their own self. It’s one of the biggest barriers to joy and abundance. To learn more about this barrier and others, get your free copy of my e-book The 8 barriers to Joy and Abundance.

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