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Have you ever noticed how enthusiastic the little ones are?  They live in a world of no limits, they are curious about everything and get excited about the simplest things.  What a great way to experience life.

So why, as adults, don’t we anymore?

You might say, well life is hard. I have responsibilities.  I’m a realist.  I’m too busy.  I have to be an adult. Whatever the story you want to tell yourself, I’m here to tell you it’s just an illusion!

Of course you need to pay your bills and provide for your family.  And of course you want to live a life of balance and integrity.  But to deny yourself the joyfulness that comes from bringing child-like enthusiasm into everyday life experiences won’t get you where you want to go any faster.  In fact, it may do the exact opposite.

You see, enthusiasm is the juice that brings joy to the journey. And without joy, the journey may not feel very fulfilling along the way, and especially when you get to the end of the road.

It’s enthusiasm that fuels ideas and injects passion into your purpose.

It’s enthusiasm that elevates your vibration.

And it’s enthusiasm that lets the joy in.

If you can, spend some time watching children at play today.  See how they use their imagination to create. Witness the giddiness and carefreeness they exude as they explore life on their terms.

Now it’s your turn to mimic them!

Love from your Joy Mama

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