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I have a challenge for you this week and it’s all about smiling. Here’s how it works:

  • Rule #1: You need to be the one to smile first.
  • Then keep track of every time you smile at someone and their reaction – chances are they’ll smile back.
  • Note how you feel each time you have this exchange of acknowledgement – the “I see you” of it all. How does it feel in your body?
  • Breathe it in.
  • Now, if you’re not going out today, practice in the mirror. I mean it! Smile at yourself. In fact you should do this every day to honour the “I see you” of you!
  • Smile while you’re cooking dinner. Smile while you’re doing the laundry. And smile while you’re paying the bills (especially then).
  • Tally up how many times during the day you smiled, and someone smiled back (include yourself in the mirror).
  • Congratulate yourself. You just helped to shift the frequency of the planet through this ripple effect of joy energy.
  • Now breathe that in!

Love from your Joy Mama

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