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Here’s a great exercise for you today.

Make a list of the top 10 things that make you smile. And as you list each one, breathe in and smile. I guarantee by the end of the exercise your vibe will have been elevated.

Look at it anytime you feel your energy getting depleted or your negative self-talk getting in the way. Look at it when you’re starting to complain about something or get frustrated by someone or something. It’s powerful medicine and way better for your health than a drink or a pill.

Here’s my top 10 for today:

    1. Sitting outside enjoying a pot of fragrant tea and a treat infused with tea at the Westholme Tea Farm on Vancouver Island. One of my favourite places to go.
    2. Looking at my favourite picture by Anne Geddes (posted right above my desk). I can’t stop grinning ear to ear when I look at this (and baby kisses are the best!)

    1. Putting my feet up and lying back in my recliner after a satisfying day of work or play. The feeling of absolute contentment and self-praise always makes me smile while it feeds my soul.
    2. I often smile at the absurdity of situations. Here’s an example. A friend of mine had posted on Facebook about a song she loved because it was uplifting her as she coped with a difficult time. People commented with words of compassion and agreement about the power of the song’s lyrics. With each comment, I smiled even more as I read the heartfelt comments. Then one person simply posted, “I always hated that song.” For some reason I found that so unexpected, so out of place and so absurd that I laughed out loud. Us humans sure give us lots to smile and laugh about!
    3. I smile when I hear the distinctive call of the pair of eagles that perch on the tallest trees that surround my home. I’ve named them Eddie and Edith and each time I hear them, I rush to the window with my binocs in hand to see them up close. Always makes me smile.
    4. Tulips make me smile. I love tulips so much that I named one of my dogs Tulip a few years ago.


Here’s a tulip

And here’s my Tulip!

  1. Great music makes me smile. I absolutely adore Satie’s Gymnopédie No. 1. Here’s a great youtube link for you to enjoy.
  2. I smile every day when I read the poetic voice of Mark Nepo in his book, The Book of Awakening. He has the ability to reach right into my soul, knowing precisely what words will awaken my heart.
  3. I smile when I smell popcorn. In fact ask any of my family members and they will tell you that I get darn-right giddy. So when I eat it (which is often) I am really really smiley! <l/i>
  4. And finally for my #1 thing that makes me smile – you guessed it – my grandson Finn. And here is his smiling face to put a big smile on mine!

Love from your Joy Mama

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