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Are you a friend that people like to see coming?

What kind of friend are you? Do you live your life juicy with a big enthusiastic smile that lifts the spirits of those around you? Or do you complain about your aches and pains, the politics of the day, or constantly judge others. Which one would you rather be around? Enthusiastic people are open to life and invite you to come along for the adventure.  The complainers will drain your energy and steal your joy.
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Whistle while you work…

Name 3 things that get you excited about the work you do. Now name 3 things that make you enthusiastic about the work you do. Notice the difference in your energy as you think about the distinction between the two? For me, I get excited every morning knowing that each day will be a clean slate to build upon.  But I become enthusiastic when I use my imagination to create the reality I want for that day.  Subtle difference but profound.  But we need them both.
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What is the company you are keeping?

To me a good book is like a good friend. And I agree with Paxton Hood, that we need to be just as choosy about the books we read as the company we keep.  Both can have profound influences in our lives.  They can either uplift or deplete our spirit. I am drawn to books, movies and television programs that include people or subjects that feed my curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.  And I especially find my joy vibration increase when I am inspired by other writers.  Here’s a classic about the very subject of this month’s theme on enthusiasm:
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Is “being an adult” stealing your joy?

Have you ever noticed how enthusiastic the little ones are?  They live in a world of no limits, they are curious about everything and get excited about the simplest things.  What a great way to experience life. So why, as adults, don’t we anymore? You might say, well life is hard. I have responsibilities.  I’m a realist.  I’m too busy.  I have to be an adult. Whatever the story you want to tell yourself, I’m here to tell you it’s just an illusion!
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