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“We do not attract what we want. We attract what we are.” ~ James Allan

Did you know that you have more power than you can imagine?  You have power over the thoughts you think. You have power over the words you choose.  You have power over the company you keep and the experiences you attract.  And ultimately you have power over the life you wish to live.  It all comes down to the choices you make.

Sounds obvious doesn’t it?  But sometimes the obvious gets overlooked during the distractions of your busy life.  Until that is, you make time to really think about it.

Take for example the power you have to choose your thoughts.  Yes, you have a choice. This is what I mean.

In this month’s first blog, I wrote about your conscious thoughts as well as your intuitive ones and how they guide you towards peace and balance as opposed towards angst and disharmony.  I encourage you to read that post for more insight.

The 2nd blog is where I described how your word choices impact your own energy as well as those around you.  I shared two great resources to reinforce the fact that your words matter.

And in last week’s post, I explained how being more mindful about the company you keep and the experiences you choose can reduce the amount of resentment or stress you bring into your life.

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Ultimately, it’s the combination of your thoughts, your words, and the influences you choose that determines the amount of joy you will experience. So why not choose joy first as the foundation upon which to intentionally build your life?

Once you make the commitment to honour your self-worth and trust your choices, you will cease to feel like a victim to your circumstances.  You will feel more empowered to react with integrity knowing that the influences you attract are always an outcome of your inner and outer dialogue.

I leave you now with a simple recipe for a life rich with meaning and deliberate in purpose, from author Roy T. Bennett:

“Attitude is a choice.

Happiness is a choice.

Optimism is a choice.

Kindness is a choice.

Giving is a choice.

Respect is a choice.

Whatever choice you make makes you.

Choose wisely.”

Love from your Joy Mama,

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P.S.    If you haven’t already read my book Being Joy™, it’s a simple 40-day practice of replacing old self-defeating beliefs with new empowering joy habits. As your vibrational frequency increases, you’ll not only experience more joy, but you’ll also be a beacon of hope for others who have forgotten their own joy.  Please join me on this important mission by ordering your copy today!

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  1. What an amazing and very timely reminder, my friend!
    Think of you so often!


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