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quote over orange mandala - “If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” ~ Peace Pilgrim

Do you realize how much power your thoughts have?  In fact, researchers estimate that we humans have about 6200 thoughts a day!  So why do we often take our thoughts for granted?  We underestimate their impact on the words we speak, the actions we take, and ultimately the reality we create.

The topic for this month is based on the joy habit Be Thoughtful from Chapter 33 of my book Being Joy™.  In it, I write about the importance of shifting your focus away from negative inner dialogue and instead onto life-affirming language. I even provide a helpful activity called “Word Catching” that can help you shift more quickly when you first notice disempowering thoughts.

I hope today’s message will provide some “food for thought” as you go through your activities at work and at play this week.

This week I want to specifically focus on thoughts that lead to complaining, criticizing, and behaving in an overly competitive manner which all seem to be national pastimes these days.

I get it, we’re stressed.  The lingering pandemic, the political landscape, up close and personal climate change, the economy and so on and so on.

But complaining just puts you in a place of victimhood and if allowed to fester, traps you in a continuous loop of thinking, then seeing, then attracting more of the same. That’s the power of your thoughts and how the law of attraction works.

So, if you’re stuck in negativity, the Universe is just going to match your vibration and give you more of what you’re thinking about, whether you actually want it or not.

Time to stop the cycle of complaints.

With Canadian Thanksgiving coming in a few days, why not set some time aside either before or on Thanksgiving Day to start a new thoughtful joy habit of thankfulness for the abundance that surrounds you. Make a list and add to it throughout the day. And while you’re doing it, repeat this powerful affirmation as often as you can:

quote over orange mandala - Today I choose to compliment more and critisize less, collaorate more and complete less, and contribute more and complain less.

Here’s a bit more “food for thought” from Abraham-Hicks about how complaining gets in the way of attracting the life you really want:

“Complaining about anything holds you in the place of refusing to receive the things you’ve been asking for.  Justifying about anything holds you in the place of refusing to let in the very things that you’ve been asking for.  Blaming someone holds you in the place of refusing to let in the things that you’ve been asking for. Feeling guilty, feeling angry, it doesn’t matter what you call it; it is a refusal, not a conscious one. You’re asking; you can’t help but ask. The Universe is yielding.  It’s a big question folks; why aren’t you letting it in?”

And here’s a final helpful tip from Abraham-Hicks on how to prevent your “critical demon” from infiltrating your thoughts:

“I’m going to look for opportunities to appreciate, so that all day long I’ll bring myself back into Source Energy.  If there’s an opportunity to praise, I’m going to praise; if there’s an opportunity to criticize, I’m going to keep my mouth shut and try to meditate.  If I feel like criticizing, I’ll say, “Here kitty, kitty,” and I’ll pet my cat till that feeling goes away.” 

Makes me laugh every time I read that one!

cartoon bee sitting on 2 human hands

So my friend, BE thoughtful.  BE appreciative.  BE joyful.  Just BEE.

Love from your Joy Mama,

Gloria Stewart signature

P.S. On the dash of my car is a little note that says “This is a complaint-free zone”.  A great reminder for me and anyone travelling with me to be mindful of the energy we bring into our space.  Try it in your own car, your home, or your office.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly you start to pay more attention to your thoughts and the power they hold.  Choose wisely!

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