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Do you realize how powerful your thoughts are?

Have you ever thought about the saying “eat your words”? It means to admit when you’ve been wrong about something you’ve said.  I’ve always found it such an interesting colloquialism. But since your words are merely an expression of your thoughts, how about we create a new saying that goes - “eat your thoughts.”  This new idiom might help to serve as a gentle reminder to catch your thoughts before you regret uttering them out loud. Since this is the last blog about the joy habit - Be Thoughtful, from Chapter 33 of my book Being Joy™, I’ve decided to share several great passages about the power of thought from some of my favourite writers and teachers.
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Who are the people in your life?

Have you ever wondered why the people in your life are in your life?  It’s not an accident you know.  The fact is that you’ve attracted them.  Yes, your thoughts are what create your entire reality including the people you share time with.  The topic of my weekly blog series this month is based on the joy habit Be Thoughtful from Chapter 33 of my book Being Joy™ where I write about how your inner and outer dialogue attract everything that shows up in your life, including your relationships.  And the relationships we have with others can be one of the most challenging part of being a human being. You see, we humans are social creatures.  From an early age most of us are taught how to share, cooperate, and basically get along.  And as we mature, we become more aware of our own identities and gravitate towards others who share similar interests and values. 
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What are you thinking today?

Words originate from your thoughts.  And thoughts are based on your beliefs which are merely your own interpretation of past experiences and the current influences in your life. If you’re not happy with the state of your current experience, perhaps you need to be mindful of the words you are speaking out loud and to yourself.  Are they based on feelings of unworthiness or scarcity?  It’s usually one of the two. In today's blog I will ask you to examine the origins of your inner dialogue and assess whether or not your thoughts serve or disempower you.  If they’re thoughts that prevent you from living a joyful life, then perhaps it’s time to shift your perspective. 
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What do your thoughts say about your life?

Do you realize how much power your thoughts have? In fact, researchers estimate that we humans have about 6200 thoughts a day! So why do we often take our thoughts for granted? We underestimate their impact on the words we speak, the actions we take, and ultimately the reality we create. The topic for this month is based on the joy habit Be Thoughtful from Chapter 33 of my book Being Joy™. In it, I write about the importance of shifting your focus away from negative inner dialogue and instead onto life-affirming language. I even provide a helpful activity called “Word Catching” that can help you shift more quickly when you first notice disempowering thoughts. I hope today’s message will provide some “food for thought” as you go through your activities at work and at play this week.
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