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Quote over a blue mandala - “No matter how things seem, hope is near, and love is present.” ~Mike Dooley (The Universe)

What are you hopeful for?  Perhaps this week’s blog will give you some food for thought outside of the most common answer.

During this month in which I’ve dedicated my weekly Joy Journals to the joy habit of hope, I am focusing on one major theme each week that begins with one of the letters in the word HOPE.

Last week’s blog was on the topic of Hope for Health representing the letter “H”.  I placed particular emphasis on brain health and featured a great new book I’m reading about how to reduce the risk of cognitive decline.  I encourage you to read the blog, no matter your age.

This week’s offering stands for the letter “O’ and will ask you to Hope for Oneness of our people and our planet as I believe our interdependence will be even more important as we take our place in a new post-pandemic world.

You see, the pandemic stirred things up so much that it exposed the cracks in important infrastructures like our health care system and showed us the magnitude of the digital divide.

It revealed the inequities and injustices that have been over-looked for too long.  And it has made us acknowledge the vulnerability of our very existence on this planet.

We have been shaken, not stirred folks.  And once you take the lid off the shaker, there are things that you can’t unsee.  They are simply unignorable!

But I have hope.

A hand holding a globe full of faces on Zoom meetings

I have faith that there is more inherent good in our neighbours than evil.

That as a collective, we will develop solutions for the perils of our planet and the poverty of our people.

That together we will not allow our past mistakes to define us but rather to let them elevate us to a higher standard of citizenship.

For that is what it will take for us to survive as a species.  The old ways are simply no longer viable.

I believe that when more of us hold a vision for a new world based on collaboration instead of competition and on a model of “you and me” as opposed to “you or me”, we will be turning the corner towards a more equitable, balanced, and sustainable world.

You see, there is great power in “collective hope”.  It’s the seed of positive change.  It’s hope in action. And as the cultural anthropologist, Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

So, let’s get hopeful together and change things!

Love from your Joy Mama,

Gloria Stewart signature

P.S.    If you haven’t already read my book Being Joy™, it’s a simple 40-day practice of replacing old self-defeating beliefs with new empowering joy habits. As your vibrational frequency increases, you’ll not only experience more joy, but you’ll also be a beacon of hope for others who have forgotten their own joy.  Please join me on this important mission by ordering your copy today!

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