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Albert Einstein quote

Love this quote. And Einstein would know. How else could he have envisioned all that he did in his life? He’s a great example of someone who was aligned with his source and lived as a joyful authentic human.

So today’s blog is about becoming the quintessential optimist who expects miracles.

You see, with the Law of Attraction at work, what you intend and expect has to materialize. Providing of course you don’t get in your own way with limiting beliefs and doubts that will counter-act your intention. Do as Einstein did. Expect eventual success – the miracle. Try. Try again and again with alternate approaches if necessary, until the magic happens, which he believed would always come. It’s that optimistic belief that fuelled his passionate work.

And you can too with a little help.

I ran across a great article in Psychology Today about how using visualization can improve your optimism. I’ve always been a big believer in the power of visualization for painting a picture of what your desire. But I’ve found that the most impactful visualization is not just about the picture you paint. It involves really feeling it in your entire body as if it’s really here now. You need to suspend disbelief for this to work and get out of your head trying to figure out how it will happen. Just focus on the what and the feeling of joy.

Here’s an excerpt from this article by Utpal Dholakia Ph.D.:

“Originally discovered by psychologist Laura King in 2001, a number of studies in the last 5-6 years show that doing a simple visualization exercise can boost anyone’s optimism. Psychologists call it the “best possible self” visualization. In simple terms, it involves generating vivid images of positive events occurring in the future with you in the center of them.”

Here’s the link for the entire article:

So my dear friend, do yourself and everyone you care about a favour by expecting miracles in your life. And don’t let the naysayers into your sacred bubble. That’s where your pure joy will help you manifest your intention. Let them create their own bubble.

Love from your Joy Mama

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