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I love the limitless feeling I get when I’m inspired. I feel like I can do anything, and in fact I can! Think of an instance when you experienced the exhilaration of a new idea. How did that make you feel in your body, in your heart? Some people say they feel liberated, others like they are 20 years younger or even ageless.

Inspiration is such a powerful catalyst for enhancing our imagination as artists will attest to. Just read what Michelangelo had to say when asked how he could carve such incredible works of art from just a slab of marble. He simply said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” That genius talent came as a result of activating those “dormant forces, faculties, and talents” that Patanjali spoke about, through his innate ability to be inspired.

We all have the same potential to access those dormant forces and to rise above what we falsely believe is impossible. It’s inspiration that aligns our vibrational frequency with the field of pure potentiality so that the magic can happen.

So I say, bring it on! Let’s raise our collective frequency through a daily dose of inspiration. Imagine what we could do!

P.S. Here’s an activity you can do to help raise your frequency. Research and read about someone you admire who inspires you. List the qualities you admire about them and what you could do to emulate those characteristic. Then celebrate as you begin to inspire others.

Love from your Joy Mama

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