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quote over orange mandala - “My self-esteem is high because I honor who I am.” ~ Louise Hay

Do you have any daily rituals that show respect for “the self”?  Ways of honouring who you are?  Things you do to nurture the inside as well as the outside of your being?  Daily reminders that you are deserving of respect because you do your best to live up to your higher self?

This month’s joy habit is about being honourable.  And the best way to convey that you are an honourable human being – someone who lives their truth with conviction and compassion – is by ensuring you are living in balance with all that surrounds you.  Let me tell you what I mean.

To me, honouring “the self” means being mindful of what I allow into my life.  The thoughts I think, the people I interact with, the environments I expose myself to and of course, the things I allow on or into my body.

In order for me to live a balanced and honourable life, I work diligently at replacing the things that weaken and disempower me with things that nurture and strengthen me.  Then as a strong and vibrant human, I can contribute more to my family, my community, and my world.  That helps me remember my joy and brings me honour.

Here are some simple things you can do to nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

Let’s start with the water you drink. 

Galss of water with an image of the planet floating in it

I’m a big believer in drinking lots of fresh, uncontaminated, pure water every day.  The body can’t function well when it’s dehydrated, and the brain is usually impacted first.  But I go beyond that.  I bless my water by saying thank you when I take a sip.  You can go even further by putting stickers on your water bottle with positive words.  If you want some evidence that this works, I encourage you to read my blog about the groundbreaking work of the late Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Let’s move on to the food you eat.

A display plate with apple, onion, grabe, gigs and wooden salad utensils

Prepare your healthy, nutrient-dense food slowly and with intention.  Give thanks for the soil, sun and water that gave it life.  Thank the farmers who tended the crops or raised the animals. To the people who packaged, shipped, and sold you the ingredients you are using.  Then when you sit down to eat, say another blessing of thanks to yourself as you mindfully eat the meal you have lovingly created. Not only will your digestion improve by eating this way, but your heart and spirit will also be nourished as you honour all that went into the food you are eating.

What about moving your body?

male backpacker walking on a path in a field of grain

For me, walking is my favourite way of getting my 10,000 steps in each day.  It’s easy to do, doesn’t require any special equipment other than a good pair of walking shoes, and it can be done pretty much anywhere.  I’m fortunate to live on Vancouver Island where I can walk all year round.  In a previous blog, I wrote about a great book by neuroscientist Shane O’Mara called “In Praise of Walking”, that really resonated with me.  Perhaps it will with you as well.

Now let’s talk about what you put on your body.

apothecary mortar and pestal with essential oils and herbs

Are you using products that contain a lot of chemicals and synthetics for your shampoos, soaps, lotions, and deodorants?  Or are you looking for more natural products that are better for you and the environment?  Remember your skin is the biggest organ in your body so what you put on is just as important as what you put in it.  So, if you want to honour your body temple, please be kind to it.

Then there is my regular self-nurturing ritual of a nice hot bath with lovely bath salts that I infuse with therapeutic grade essential oils.  I lay back and just let the warm water rinse away the day as the salts and scents purify and soothe my muscles and mind.  Can’t think of a better way to ready myself for a good night’s sleep.

Do you have a sleep ritual?  I sure do.

A cherub figurine lieing down with wings draped over the edge of a ledge

In the summer when it’s hot like it is now, I start by turning on the air purifier and cooling fan in my bedroom a couple of hours before bed. I close the drapes, pull down by quilt and sheets and let the cool air freshen the linens.  I also have a few Himalayan salt lamps that I turn on to emit the lovely glow of the negative ions in the room and I also turn on my essential oil diffuser. (quality lavender oil is always a good choice to ready the room.) Then I close the bedroom door to keep the warm air out.

After my bath when I’m ready for sleep, I turn on my sound machine (I like the ocean waves the best) and a CD with soothing music.  I turn down the fan and air purifier to low, leave on two of my salt lamps, put on my sleeping mask and I’m out within about 5 minutes.  Never fails.

If you haven’t used salt lamps before, here’s a great link with some useful information. I’m a bit of a collector when it comes to them.  I have about 20 throughout my house – big, small, and lots of different shapes.  I have some that are the orange and some that are rose quartz. I love them all!

There you have it.  Some of my favourite rituals to honour “the self”.  But, whichever rituals you choose to incorporate into your daily life, just do them with self-love and respect.  And that my friend is joyful living.

Love from your Joy Mama,

Gloria Stewart signature

P.S.    If you haven’t already read my book Being Joy™, it’s a simple 40-day practice of replacing old self-defeating beliefs with new empowering joy habits. As your vibrational frequency increases, you’ll not only experience more joy, but you’ll also be a beacon of hope for others who have forgotten their own joy.  Please join me on this important mission by ordering your copy today!

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