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Are you a planet protector?

I recently heard the phrase “there is no planet B” and this clever play with words really stuck with me.  With all the clear evidence about the dramatic impact of climate change, we are living the consequences of past choices up close and personal. No longer can we hide our heads in the sand avoiding what is right in front of us.  The extreme heat, the forest fires, droughts, floods, hurricanes, and that’s just the summer.  What’s in store for us this winter?  So as the saying goes, when we know better, we do better.  Now is the time to do better. This last blog in my month-long series of “Being Honourable” from my book Being Joy™ is dedicated to honouring our planet for it is the only real home we have. And my request this week is an important one.
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Who is your hero?

Who do you admire and why?  Is it because of their accomplishments?  Are they kind and generous of spirit?  Or is it because of their convictions?  When you think about those who you admire, whether they’re from previous times, are fictional characters or are people you know today, is there a common attribute that connects them? Is it a quality you would like to emulate? For me, the ones I admire have lived with honour.  They admit they’re not perfect but have strived to be better than they were before.  They believe in truth and doing the right thing with compassion, especially when it’s hard.  They are my heroes.
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Do you know your family tree?

Have you researched your family tree?  Did you discover any surprises?  Is there someone from your past who you most take after? I find the study of genealogy to be a fascinating undertaking – to learn about my roots, the people whose DNA runs through my cells today and the way the past can influence my present characteristics and inclinations. This month’s joy habit theme is about Being Honourable and for this week’s post, I am honouring my ancestors.    I am fortunate that back in the late 70’s, my father Jack and his brother Cliff, decided to do a deep dive into our history and were able to go back as far as the late 1700’s.  The result of their research was a binder they had professionally printed with pictures and biographies for each branch of the family. The objective was to have each successive generation add their story to the binder so that there would be an ongoing living history of the family for future generations.  Easier said than done I’m afraid with the original duo, my dad and his brother, now deceased and with the next generation of relatives spread out all over the world.
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How do you honour “the self”?

Do you have any daily rituals that show respect for “the self”?  Ways of honouring who you are?  Things you do to nurture the inside as well as the outside of your being?  Daily reminders that you are deserving of respect because you do your best to live up to your higher self? This month’s joy habit is about being honourable.  And the best way to convey that you are an honourable human being – someone who lives their truth with conviction and compassion - is by ensuring you are living in balance with all that surrounds you.  Let me tell you what I mean. To me, honouring “the self” means being mindful of what I allow into my life.  The thoughts I think, the people I interact with, the environments I expose myself to and of course, the things I allow on or into my body. In order for me to live a balanced and honourable life, I work diligently at replacing the things that weaken and disempower me with things that nurture and strengthen me. 
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