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What a powerful quote by Maya Angelou, one of my favourite poets and profound thinkers of our time. And it’s so true. I had a teacher in high school who knew how to nurture the creative side of me, inspiring me to believe I could be a writer one day. And now I am!

I remember a favourite aunt who never talked down to me as a child and always listened with both ears and an open heart. She inspired me to ask questions and seek the truth. She knew how to breathe possibility into my imagination.

With Easter only a few days away and the abundance of spring flowers reminding us of new beginnings all around us, I’ve been thinking a lot about the word inspire and wanted to dig into the etymology of it. The website put it like this:

“This moving little word may be traced back to the Latin inspirare (“to breathe or blow into”), which itself is from the word spirare, meaning “to breathe.” It didn’t take long to establish itself in a figurative sense, as our earliest written English uses of inspire give it the meaning “to influence, move, or guide (as to speech or action) through divine or supernatural agency or power.” Many of the early figurative senses of inspire are religious in nature, so it is not surprising to learn that the word shares a connection with spirit (which comes from the Latin word for “breath,” spiritus, which is also from spirare).”

I love the “to breathe or blow into” and the “to influence, move, or guide” and especially the “through divine or supernatural agency or power” aspects of the word. Sure makes sense to me because that’s how I always feel when I’m inspired by someone or something. And I have to admit that sometimes, I inspire myself. That’s when I show gratitude for the ideas that have used me – that have come to and through me. It’s the best feeling in the world!

Love from your Joy Mama

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P.S. Who inspired you in the past? Who inspires you now? If you’re blessed like me, you can think of many! Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

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