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quote over yellow mandala - “The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same.” ~ Carlos Castaneda

Do you remember the Disney movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”?  I think my favourite parts were of the little guys smiling as they went to work in the mines.  And the song they sang “whistle while you work” left a lasting impression with me to this day.  For me it was a profound message about bringing happiness to everything you do – your work, your relationships, and your life.  It was about being happy first.

So, it was no accident that many years later I was guided to write my book Being Joy™ In fact, I believe it was inevitable!

Because this month’s blog series is dedicated to the joy habit of happiness, I promised in my newsletter Joy Matters, that this month’s posts will not come from my “head” but from my “happy heart”.  I’m only going to bring you happy songs, poems, images, and fun activities all month long to remind you of your birthright – your joy.

Last week I gave you a link to, and the lyrics for, one of my favourite songs, so we could have a little sing-along. If you didn’t read it, you can find it here.

Today, I’m showing you a picture that I ran across on a greeting card many years ago and was one of my inspirations as I wrote my book. I always had it nearby to feed my soul whenever I had a creative block and needed a reminder about what the essence of my book was all about. I share it with you in hopes that you’ll feel the same happiness in your heart that I do every time I look at it.

two Tibetan nuns laughing

This photo called “Tibetan Voices” taken by Brian Harris is of two nuns laughing in the Garden Choling Nunnery in Dharamsala, India.  It just exudes happy joy, and in my opinion portrays the ultimate expression of joy through service.  But then I’ve also viewed work as service, no matter what you do. The giving of your time and talent to the world is what defines us.  It’s what makes us human.

As you go through your work week, I encourage you to whistle while you work.  It will help you smile more and might even rub off on your co-workers or the others around you.  Spread your happy heart.  Your world needs it!

Love from your Joy Mama,

Gloria Stewart signature

P.S.    If you haven’t already read my book Being Joy™, it’s a simple 40-day practice of replacing old self-defeating beliefs with new empowering joy habits. As your vibrational frequency increases, you’ll not only experience more joy, but you’ll also be a beacon of hope for others who have forgotten their own joy.  Please join me on this important mission by ordering your copy today!

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Image courtesy of Pixabay.


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