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“Afoot and lighthearted, I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me. ⁓Walt Whitman

Oh to be as carefree as a puppy or small child. No worries. Exploring everything. How blessed is the light-heartedness of the wee ones. They truly live in the moment.

So why do we let that die in us when we “grow up”?

Why have we become so serious that we have a hard time justifying time off just to play and have fun? Where did our “light heart” go?

With the Family Day holiday just a few days away for most Provinces in Canada, instead of trying to cram errands into a free day off from work, I challenge you to make it a special occasion for you and your family. A day of fun, without a regimented itinerary. A day where the adults can be child-like and care-free. A day of being lighthearted.

Puppy and Baby sitting on a blanket on the grass

And if you don’t have family nearby, then get together with a friend and do the same. Wear silly hats or do something out of the ordinary that makes you laugh.

If you’re alone, you can still make the day special by going somewhere different or changing up your routine so that it’s a day of spontaneity. Eat different things, wear different clothing, play, find things that make you smile and laugh. They are all around if you look closely enough.

So as Walt Whitman put it, take to the open road. Feel free and unencumbered. Open your heart to the light so that all the goodness of the world can show itself to you. Exhale and enjoy the ride. And that is joyful living at its best!

Love and laughter from your Joy Mama,

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P.S.   Want more joy and laughter in your life? If you don’t already have a copy of my book, you can purchase a copy for yourself or give one to a friend or family member who might be struggling right now. You’ll be helping to spread the important message of joyful living with someone who needs some light in their life.

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