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“Presence helps you hear more.”

Is there a song that you remember from your childhood that brought you joy?

Was it something soothing you heard at night to help you fall asleep? Or something you heard on the radio that made your body need to dance? Perhaps a song from a movie that still makes you smile?

Since this month’s blog series is about the joy habit of pleasure, today’s topic is about how what we hear can influence how we feel.

Sound in the form of music is one of our most primal senses for conjuring memories from significant chapters in our lives. I often hear people say, “Oh I remember that song and exactly who I was with and what I was doing as if it were yesterday.”

Or “Every time I hear that song I think of my great-grandmother and can smell the perfume she used to wear.” 


Or “When I hear opera, I remember being seven years old and going to the theatre with my parents. I can remember the colour of my dress and the smell of the theatre.”

Because sound is such a powerful sense that stimulates our emotions, over the past few years there has been a great deal of study and evidence to suggest that music and sound can have effective therapeutic benefits for stress reduction for children and adults. In fact, it has now become well-established in the main-stream health community.

And we understand more about the neurological impact of various types of music such as listening to baroque to assist learning and focus. I am personally a big fan of playing classical and baroque in my office to stimulate brain power.

Music and songs not only have an impact on daily life but also help to anchor our experiences over time, to be recalled and relived as fully as we so desire. My hope is that your most vibrant memories brought on by music are the joyful ones that still bring a smile to your heart and pleasure to your entire being. And that is joyful living.

Joyful loving from your Joy Mama,

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P.S. If you want to learn more about the joy habit of pleasure, order a copy of my book Being Joy™ where I devote an entire chapter to it.

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