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When was the last time your sixth sense kicked in?

What feelings touch your soul the deepest? Hopefully they’re feelings that bring you pleasure, as that is such an important ingredient for joyful living. Every week this month, I have shared my thoughts about the joy habit of pleasure, based on Chapter 38 of my book Being Joy™. I have written about how your five senses affect your emotions and ultimately your entire wellbeing so that you can experience more pleasure in your life. Today let’s talk about your sense of touch, literally and psychically. But first, to recap the series on pleasure, I began with your sense of smell, where I provided some useful information about how various aromas can benefit not only your emotions, but your physical, mental, and spiritual health as well.
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Are you a foodie?

What tastes do you most associate with the arrival of spring? For me it’s tender asparagus, sweet strawberries and even though I can’t taste them, I love to see the birth of new tulips (my favourite flower!) Since I have devoted this month’s blog series to the joy habit of pleasure, one of the five senses that really speaks to me is that of taste. I know I’m not alone on this and if you’re a foodie like me, you eagerly anticipate your local farmers market season. The tastes of fresh produce and artisan created treats always makes my heart sing. I love to cook and over the last couple of years have experimented with adapting some of my tried-and-true recipes to make them healthier for my energy level and waste-line. And from time to time, I add something special to just make them a little more indulgent.
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Do you have a favourite song?

Is there a song that you remember from your childhood that brought you joy? Was it something soothing you heard at night to help you fall asleep? Or something you heard on the radio that made your body need to dance? Perhaps a song from a movie that still makes you smile? Since this month’s blog series is about the joy habit of pleasure, today’s topic is about how what we hear can influence how we feel. Sound in the form of music is one of our most primal senses for conjuring memories from significant chapters in our lives. I often hear people say, “Oh I remember that song and exactly who I was with and what I was doing as if it were yesterday.” Or...
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What beauty do you behold?

What sights bring you pleasure? Is it a simple pleasure like noticing the first daffodil opening to announce the spring? The pastel colours of a tropical sunset? Or the smile on a baby’s face? Perhaps it’s the beauty you see on the walls of an art gallery. Or the various shades of green in the forest. How about the images of future desires that you see when you close your eyes? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, what do you behold? One of the fastest ways to remember your joy is to enliven your five senses so that you can choose those things that bring you the most pleasure. And once you are clear about those things, you can begin to notice and actually attract more of them into your reality.
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Follow Your Nose

What’s your favourite smell? What is it that you like about it? Does it conjure up a memory for you? If so, that’s your olfactory system at work. Did you know that smell (your olfactory system) is the only one of your senses that can have a direct effect on the limbic region of your brain – that part that controls your behavioural and emotional response to something? No wonder you either gravitate towards or are repelled by certain aromas – sometimes not even consciously knowing the reason why. This month’s blog series is all about the joy habit of pleasure from Chapter 38 of my book Being Joy™ where I explain the importance of taking a break each day from your responsibilities and enliven one of your five senses. And this week is all about your sense of smell and its impact on your behaviour.
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