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“Balance, peace, and joy are the fruit of a successful life. It starts with recognizing your talents and finding ways to serve others by using them.” ~Thomas Kinkade

I love the quote for today’s blog, which is the last in this month’s joy habit series of being in balance.  In this month’s first blog post, you may recall that I referenced the seven aspects that make up your life experience as suggested by the Oola approach.  To recap, the 7 F’s are Faith, Family, Friend, Fun, Fitness, Finance and Field. 

In one post I talked about Faith and for another I focused on Fitness. I’ve chosen Field as my last and most important topic for life balance because we need your talents now more than ever!

You see, we’re embarking upon a new time, accelerated in great part due to the pandemic.  What I am witnessing is the abundance of possibility that is being created amidst the chaos of the past year.  And it’s an exciting new era that will require a new mind and the collective pooling of our talents.

I’ve been reading a great deal about this shift that has been predicted for some time and, like always for me, I discovered a great book on my bookshelf that I had forgotten about and had not made time to read.  Spirit told me this was the time. The book is called Jump Time by Jean Houston.

Surreal image looking down a train track leading int a thunder and lightening cloud, with a clock overlaid

I was first introduced to this world-renowned psychologist, cultural anthropologist, and social thinker a few years ago when I signed up for her six-week online course called Quantum Powers.  It was quite transformative and set the trajectory for much of my interest in the marriage between quantum physics and spirituality.  After I completed the course, I purchased several of her books and placed them on my bookshelf. Then I got distracted with other things. Such is life. That is, until recently.

Although Jean published Jump Time in 2004, it could have been written yesterday.  It’s relevance to the upheaval caused by the global pandemic and the new era or “jump time” that we are entering now is profound!

What does this have to do with the topic of today’s blog – the aspect of FIELD? 

Let me start by saying that Jump Time professes that, as a global community, we will need to develop a “new mind” in order to create a new reality for our planet.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a brand-new concept.  Many researchers, observers, scholars, shamans, and prophets from long ago have been predicting this new era as one in which there will be a marrying of the divine feminine with the sacred masculine, thus producing a more equitable society, driven by collaboration as opposed to competition.

But what really stuck out for me with Jean’s book is that this next era will ask us to rethink everything – how we balance the interactions we have with each other, how we care for our inner and outer selves, and how we contribute to the world – i.e. your field of work and influence.

Here’s what I mean.

To say the pandemic shook things up would be an understatement. Look closely and you’ll see the old constructs beginning to dissolve to be replaced with new paradigms. We already see unsustainable systems of power and commerce starting to crumble.  And the how and where we do our jobs has changed because of the pandemic. Even the what we do is under the magnifying glass.

Image of a cityscape with the hand of spirit holding a magnifying glass over top, looking down at the situation.

In 2020, many of us were forced to reexamine our priorities and ask if we are really living and working in “right relationship” with our planet.  So I think the fundamental question to ask ourselves now is why are we in the field we’re in and doing the business we’re doing?

With technology advancing at warp speed, our ability to connect with one another and make global change happen has never been greater. The challenge will be to not fight this current of evolution by trying to hang on to outdated and inequitable models.  I believe, we must allow ourselves to be propelled by purpose so that we can take our rightful place in service to this new world. 

Are you with me?

As you explore the meaning of this perspective and ask yourself meaningful questions, please continue to keep your frequency high, your mind open, and your joy ever expanding.  It will help to guide you on this amazing journey!

Love from your Joy Mama,

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P.S.  My final thought about achieving equilibrium in all aspects of your life is to balance your left and right brain processes, your doing-ness and your being-ness and harmonizing your male and female energies. All these inner balances will feed the ways you integrate your entire life so that your experience moving through “jump time” will be generous and joyous.

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