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There is elegance in the process

Well my friend, we’ve arrived at the very last post based on the 40 joy habits from my book Being Joy™. And I sincerely hope that today’s offering, inspired by the last chapter – Be Aligned, will express my deepest gratitude to those of you who have joined me along this 40-month joy journey of self-discovery and growth. Interesting thing that happens when you come to the end of a big project like this. Sure, there is a sense of pride and accomplishment, even a bit of relief, especially when the project has required a commitment spanning more than three years. But when you step back from the work you’ve completed and view it from a higher perspective, you begin to see the pattern in the fabric of the words and the threads that have woven each thought and insight into the finished product. You realize that there was an elegance in the process and a grander purpose of the journey.
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Do your beliefs limit or empower you?

How do your beliefs impact your life today? Are they limiting your potential or are they empowering your ability to manifest your desires? The topic of beliefs is fundamental to the subject of alignment. And being aligned to your true essence is the foundation of joyful living. This week’s post is the third of the last four posts I will write based on “Be Aligned”, which is the last chapter of my book Being Joy ™. Today I will talk specifically about how being attached to your beliefs can block the flow of energy that enables you to align with your true self. And when that inner conflict occurs, you can feel out of sync with your natural rhythms of being. Abraham-Hicks put it this way, “Any and all desires can be fulfilled unless you are holding yourself out of alignment with your own desire. The feeling of competition or shortage, or limitation of resources, means you are out of alignment with your own desires.” I’m going to expand on those thoughts by including key passages from Chapter 23 – Be Abundant from my book.
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Do your feelings serve you?

Today’s blog is all about feelings. Yes, the touchy-feely kind. We all have them. But do yours serve you or get in the way of your joy? Let’s find out. This week’s post is the 2nd of the last four posts I will write based on the last chapter of my book Being Joy ™. “Be Aligned” was destined to be the last joy habit for the book. Not because it was following any pre-programmed conscious thought process of sequencing the chapters in a particular order of logical progression, but because it was meant to be an important middle point along the joy journey. This is what I mean. I believe that every ending ushers in a new beginning. So here we are – at the middle point – an important crossroads of a new journey. The gap when being in alignment with your true self matters most.
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Are you living in alignment?

The countdown has begun. Today’s blog is the first of the last four posts I will be writing based on the 40 joy habits from my book Being Joy™. And as I was guided when I started to write the book in 2015, the last chapter is devoted to what I believe is the most important topic – alignment. And it’s a very deep topic at that. Probably why Spirit agreed that it should be the last one. Of course, I didn’t know at the time while I felt so strongly that the Chapter 40 should be called Be Aligned. But after writing these posts for the past 39 months, I realize now that I needed to evolve with the material as much as I hope some of you have as well. It’s been a journey – a Joy Journey! You see, what I’ve come to understand more deeply is that alignment is at the core of your wellbeing which is really your natural state. And when you’re living in alignment with your true self, you are living in your joy. In fact, joy is your birthright.
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