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What do you appreciate?

A few years ago, while busy preparing to make a huge Easter dinner for my family, my kitchen faucet broke.  So that meant I wouldn’t have water in my kitchen to finish preparing the meal and for clean up.  What to do? Thankfully, I had been raised to believe there was always a way. You just need to get creative! We had to MacGyver it by attaching a garden hose with duct tape to the bathroom faucet which was right off the kitchen and then ran it into the kitchen sink so I could finish the rest of the meal prep.  The clean up was the messy bit – it took hours with all the running back forth between the bathroom and the kitchen.
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Are you a perfectionist?

I was watching one of those baking competitions on TV the other night, and while being interviewed during the episode, one of the contestants boasted about being a perfectionist.  She claimed that because she had such high standards and that nothing would do unless it was perfect, that made her a great baker. As it turned out, she got so flustered when things didn’t go her way that she barely finished and ended up presenting a dessert that was not something she could be proud of. She was eliminated from the competition.  You see, perfection is never attainable.  There will always be something you can pick apart if you really want to.  And as the quote above so beautiful illustrates, this poor contestant became so demoralized, that she was not even able to do her best, let alone get anywhere close to the standard she had set for herself.
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Do you know the fastest way to joy?

How can you feel completely satisfied within yourself and your present circumstances while at the same time have desires for the future?  Aren’t they conflicting feelings?  Yes and no.  This is what I mean. To live in the peaceful expression of joy, you must appreciate the now - where you’re standing at this very moment. Whether it’s what you want or not, you’ve created this reality through your thoughts.  So the sooner you acknowledge and appreciate all the lessons which have led to the person you are today, the sooner you will lean into the high vibration of peaceful satisfaction. Only then can you freely desire without attachment, which as suggested by The Buddha, is the root of suffering. As I often heard Deepak Chopra say, “Be open to everything and attached to nothing.”   Powerful wisdom to live by.
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Stop chasing perfection

Trying to live up to other people’s expectations or pretend that their life is better than yours is one of the fastest ways to feel inadequate. Believing in the illusion of perfection can bring a lifetime of doubt and anxiety as you chase after the greener grass on the other side. But the reality is that the grass is pretty good where you are right now. And it’s your grass. So why not be satisfied now? People often ask me; how can I be satisfied with things the way they are when I want to do and have so much more. My answer is simple.  Until you can feel satisfied with where you are right now, feeling appreciative of all the things that contributed to your life at this moment, you will be at the mercy of your Ego’s need for continual validation.  Ego will say:  you should have done better, you should be more like her, you aren’t good enough.  Those are the very feelings that will sabotage your desires.  It’s about being satisfied now.
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Be kind to yourself on Canada’s birthday

We’ve all been through a lot these past few months.  I heard someone say recently that once we all resurface after the pandemic, you’ll either be a hunk, a chunk, or a drunk. It made me laugh! No matter what category you might fit into (or none of them), own it and accept that’s where you are right now.  Be kind to yourself instead of berating your tender soul. Appreciate that you did the best you could under the circumstances.  Be grateful for your resilience. Be satisfied.  Right now, good enough is good enough. Now that doesn’t mean you necessarily want to stay there if you want change.  Desiring change is natural.  It’s just that you shouldn’t be attached to the outcome.  Being satisfied means that you’re o.k. with where you are right now.  You’re not chasing perfection in what you do or who you are.  It’s o.k. and you’re o.k.  Give yourself a break.  Good enough is good enough.
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