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Are you kind to nature?

We are at the final week of my month-long random acts of kindness challenge.  I hope you’ve been able to practice some of the ideas I have shared over the past four weeks. If you have, I’m sure you’ve noticed a difference in your own level of peace and calm.  And I’ll bet your joy vibration has increased.  It’s just the way the law of attraction works.  What you give out gets returned.  Just like a boomerang. Just to recap, your first random acts of kindness challenge was on sharpening your joy habit of kindness by first showing love and kindness to yourself.  I hope you were able to try some of the suggestions I offered. The second post was about performing random acts of kindness towards children – either your children, grandchildren or those of friends or family members.  I have more suggestions that would help model kindness to growing minds.  
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When was the last time you smiled at a stranger?

What do you do when you pass a stranger on the street?  Do you smile and say hello, or do you keep your head down and keep on walking?  I guess it depends on where you live and where you’re walking.  But if you’re on a street where you feel safe, then I say, go for it.  Smile and say hello.  You never know, it might be the first kind thing that stranger heard all day. I’ve been particularly aware of how people behave whether they come from a big city or small town.  I’ve found that town folk tend to say hello and strike up a conversation with a total stranger much easier than city folk.  Now I know that’s a generalization, but that’s been my observation. So why is that?  Is it that big cities make people feel invisible amongst the throngs and it’s easier to be anonymous?  Whereas small communities tend to be more interlinked, so whether you the know the person or not is not that important.  Saying hi and being kind is just the neighbourly thing to do.  Which brings me to the topic of this week’s blog.
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How do you show kindness at work?

If you are a business owner or are in a position of influence in your company, you’re going to want to read today’s blog. I’m going to tell you about a book I read a number of years ago that helped influence the way I ran my company and interacted with clients and suppliers. I guarantee it will give you some ideas for this week’s “random acts of kindness” challenge. Just to recap, this month’s first blog about the random acts of kindness challenge was on sharpening your joy habit of kindness by first showing love and kindness to yourself. I shared some ideas on how you could not only bring a smile to your own face, but by elevating your personal joy vibration you could also help shift the frequency of others in your orbit.   Last week’s random acts of kindness challenge was directed towards children – either your children, grandchildren, or those of friends or family members.  Once again, I gave some suggestions for things you could try that would help model kindness to this next important generation of leaders.   
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The children are watching

Where did you learn kindness? Was it from your parents?  Perhaps a “kindly” grandparent.  Did you learn kindness in school or perhaps from a faith leader? Who was the best role model on kindness for you?  Or perhaps you didn’t grow up around kindness and had to learn how to be it by yourself. Sadly, there are millions of children around the world who have grown up in environments devoid of kindness and compassion.  Yet, despite their suffering, many have gone on to build lives of purpose and meaning.  Just think what they all may have become had they been loved first. That brings me to the subject of today’s blog and this week’s challenge of practicing random acts of kindness towards children.
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Are you ready for a challenge?

Do you like a challenge? Then I’ve got a great one for you this week, in fact for the entire month of June. And it’s all about kindness. Something I think we could all use a bit more of these days. Since I’ve dedicated the month of June to the joy habit of kindness, as far as I’m concerned, the best place to start is always with yourself. So my challenge for week one of your kindness challenge is to practice at least one “random act of kindness” towards yourself every day. You might be asking yourself “how can I show kindness towards myself in a random way?” Well, you might surprise yourself. Which is actually the point! The objective is not to overthink this. In fact, take planning right out of your equation when it comes to this challenge. This isn’t about controlling anything. I’m asking you to trust that your soul always communicates with you, guiding you in loving ways in the direction of your ultimate joy. You just need to pay attention. In fact, there really is no such thing as random. Trust the messages you receive and act upon them.
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