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What path are you following?

Are you following your divine path? The one you signed up for before you were born. The one that fills you with love and reverence for all. The one that makes your heart soar. I hope so. If not, perhaps your path has taken a temporary detour and once you remember your joy, it will be easier to find again. I have a little exercise that might help, so make sure you continue reading. Today’s blog is the last in a series of weekly reminders about the importance of reverence. All month I have provided a variety of my own thoughts as well as those from others, about why reverence for yourself and others matters. In last week’s post, I shared insights from several writers who made the case for why showing reverence is important for your sense of connection, protection, unity, sustainability, and wellbeing. Today I want to talk about having reverence for what you do.
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Is love your superpower?

Do you realize you have an important superpower – one that you were born with and hopefully is nurtured and sharpened every day? That of reverence. You see when you show love towards yourself and all living things, there isn’t anything that you can’t do – in fact, it’s your greatest superpower. It’s your life-force in action, as the spiritual energy of living in your joy propels you further than you could ever imagine, all because of the power of your heart. This is why it matters.
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Do you stop to smell the roses?

If you’re like me, you receive some of the clearest messages from your soul when outdoors. Whether it’s a stroll through the forest, a walk along the beach, or just a visit to a nearby park, by being around nature you begin to attune to its healing vibration. And for me, springtime is the best time for that – a time when everything is being activated and renewed. Showing reverence for all living things is what I believe is at the foundation of our survival as a species. And if you follow the teachings and example of Indigenous peoples from around the world, you understand the sacredness of this belief. For when you have reverence for all life, you don’t try to destroy it either through deliberate action or by being complicit. You yearn to heal it. That’s the way of joy. And that’s the path to peace.
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What do you see in the mirror?

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? I hope you see the divine human that you really are. The unique one, like no other. Acknowledging your divinity sends a loving signal to the universe that you have taken your own special place in this world and that your existence matters. That’s self-reverence and the subject of this week’s post. If you’ve been a regular reader of my monthly blog series, you know that I tend to examine most monthly joy habits from the inside out. Meaning that real change can only start from within. So if you feel like you’re not getting enough love or respect from others, ask yourself if you are showing love and respect to yourself?
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