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Are you feeling connected?

We, by our very nature, are social animals. So, for most of us these last two years have felt unnatural to say the least. We miss spending time with our friends in the same way we used to. The travel planning needed to visit far-away family has made it challenging given the unpredictability of the pandemic. And we’re all exhausted trying to predict the future. If it’s of any comfort, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. The entire planet is feeling the drain. And in that way, we are probably more connected than we realize. We have a common goal – survive the pandemic. So even though we aren’t able to see all those we want to see in person, it’s still vital that we stay connected, if not for our own mental wellbeing, but for that of the other person as well.
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How would you rate your connection?

Do you feel connected to yourself – to your spirit? If you do, you likely feel confident in the decisions you make because you are allowing source energy to guide you. On the other hand, when you aren’t connected, you may feel displaced, scattered, and have difficulty relaxing when you’re by yourself. This month’s theme is all about connection and why it’s important to your emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual wellbeing. In this first week’s post, I’ll be talking about self-connection. If you read my monthly Joy Matters newsletters, you’ll recall from the January 1 issue, that I shared a personal story about the power of connections that changed the trajectory of my life. By developing a deeper relationship with my spirit and my intuition, I was able to recognize those relationships that would be of the most significant to my wellbeing. Like with all things, connection starts with acknowledging the self with the understanding that everything is connected and that you are significant to the world. I’m going to share a story that I read in a special book I adore by Mark Nepo - Book of Awakening, to illustrate my point.
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