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What do you want in 2021?

I love Einstein’s quote for this week’s blog and the last in December’s joy habit of Be Abundant.  And I saved the best for last.  Today’s topic will focus on the abundance of possibilities and a 10-step program that I am summarizing from a great book that I highly recommend by Wayne Dyer. Once you totally get the fact that the only limits are those that you impose upon yourself, you will be liberated from the shackles of poverty consciousness and instead will look at obstacles as divine opportunities to sharpen the power of your intentions. Knowing this simple truth is one of the best remedies for helping you move beyond any worry that you might be feeling about what lies ahead in 2021.  I for one, believe that our future will be better than our past and I’m excited to be an active participant in its abundant arrival. So, are you with me?  Let’s get started!
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A love story for Christmas

I know this Christmas and holiday season are different than what you likely planned.  I too have had to make some adjustments.  But what these past few months have taught me most of all, is how adaptable the human species really is. I see it in the way businesses have learned to improvise.  The way parents have learned how to keep young minds busy.  And how most people have adapted to new ways of connecting with friends and loved ones while still remaining safe at a distance.  We are a resilient bunch, we humans. Our sheer survival depends on it. But what about any anxiety or fears you may be carrying about an uncertain future?  Or worries about the lack of money, opportunities, or freedoms that you’ve had to adjust to.  How do you overcome the feeling of scarcity as the world seems to be turned upside down?
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The Spirit or the Material

A few years ago, when I was exhibiting at a metaphysical trade show, a woman came up to my booth and wanted to share her philosophy about spirituality. Tends to happen a lot at these kinds of fairs.  Not wishing to be rude, I let her explain her point of view. She was of the opinion that she had to suffer in order to attain enlightenment.  And furthermore, she believed that in order to be a spiritual person, she had to live a life of poverty.  Well as a conscious capitalist who is also a person who deeply believes in Spirit and the goodness in all, I was a bit taken aback.  I asked her how she came to that conclusion. After smiling nervously and thinking a bit about it, she explained that because she was already poor, there must have been a reason for her lot in life and the conclusion she came to was that it must be because she is “so spiritual”.    There was no point in trying to convince her that it was her poverty consciousness that kept her in a state of suffering and lack as that was her belief and she was sticking to it. 
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Don’t believe the illusion

It’s natural to feel anxious these days when faced with so many changes as a result of the pandemic.  The everyday uncertainty of what restrictions might come next goes against our primal need for control and our compulsion for accumulation.  But maybe that’s the point.  Instead of trying to control everything around us and fester in fear about not having enough, how about we loosen our grip for a minute so that we can focus our attention on all that we do have. Because as Wayne Dyer famously said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Today’s blog will ask you to reexamine your beliefs about scarcity and abundance. And it will challenge you to stretch your perceptions about accumulation.  Are you up for it?   
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What are you ‘being’?

We’ve all heard the famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi that tells us to “be the change we want to see.” Well the same goes for abundance and everything else for that matter.  You have to live in the energy of the thing you desire in order for it to materialize.  That’s why I titled my book Being Joy™, because I truly believe that you cannot look for joy.  You must remember it and then embody it or “be” it. This month’s theme for helping you remember your joy is Be Abundant.  You see, we live in an abundant universe and in order to attract more of what you want you must be prepared to see it in everyone and everything.  Feel abundant in all you do.  Be abundant in all you are. Trust me.  When you start to think this way more of the time, good things will happen.  It just the way the law of attraction works.  And it works every time.
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