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Do You Daydream?

Imagination is a powerful tool.  It’s the juice that enabled Michelangelo to see what others couldn’t.   It’s also the starting place for creation. You need to be able to step outside the confines of your perceived reality to envision something new or different.  And once you have that firmly in your mind, then like Michelangelo did when he carved his many masterpieces, you can start from the end. You see, he saw the finished carving first in his imagination. Then he allowed it to materialize. That’s power. The good news is we all have been given that same power. We just have to sharpen our creative muscle by spending more time dreaming. This is an eloquent poem by the English poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge that poses a thought-provoking question about the power of imagination.  I was first introduced to this poem in Wayne Dyer’s book Wisdom of the Ages.
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Are you experiencing a creative block?

If you’re a creative rebel and you’re feeling sort of stuck right now with all the distractions and upheaval, perhaps today’s blog can help.  I too can let the noise and confusion of the world around me interfere with my need to express myself through my creative passion of writing.  And sometimes there’s just too much inner clutter that needs to be purged so that I can come back into balance and the words will flow more freely once again. Sound familiar? If you’re already familiar with chakra work, you know that the 2nd chakra or the sacral chakra as it is known, is the energy centre attributed to sexuality, sensuality, fertility, creative life force and your joy for living.  It’s really the centre of feminine energy and the foundation for new beginnings, which is the fundamental basis of creativity.
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Are you a creative rebel?

Taking a risk these days when everything seems so upside down, seems like the most impractical and irresponsible thing to do.  But what if taking a risk was actually the safest thing you could do?  This is what I mean. Let’s face facts.  Life is never going to be the way it was before the pandemic. In fact I’m beginning to think that we will all look at this as a dividing point in time. I would call it PRE-COVID and  POST-COVID. And trust me, they are going to be fundamentally different. So if you agree with my prediction, then why not create the reality you want from a position of intention as opposed to from a place of victimhood.  But that will take creative courage.  It will mean becoming a creative rebel. In my May newsletter Joy Matters, I included the chapter from my book Being Joy™ called Be Creative in which I relayed the story of how I became a creative rebel and why I think it’s important to be one. So what is a creative rebel and how do you know if you are one?
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What inspires your creativity?

Years ago when I was struggling with some physical health challenges, I went to see a Japanese chiropractor who also performed laser acupuncture.  While she was providing her treatment, she asked me what I did for a living and whether or not I felt fulfilled.  She must have sensed that I was stressed.  I explained that I felt adrift and really didn’t have a clear sense of purpose. I had just come through a serious illness, had temporarily lost my vision and was trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. This is what she said. “What did you like to do when you were a little girl?” Without even a moment to think, I knew the answer.   “I really liked to write.  I made up stories and even wrote some poems when I became a teenager.” I’ll never forget what she said next: “Then go do that.”
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How to see opportunity amidst chaos

Do you feel like your mind has been stretched to the limit by what we’re collectively experiencing these days? Do you feel sometimes like the world is standing still and other days like it’s moving out of control?  Are you having difficulty coping with all the unknowns? Well, I’m going to ask you to stretch your mind a little bit further. You’ll be glad you did. When you stretch your mind, you stretch your perspective.  And when you experience new ways of operating or when you allow new information to percolate and be absorbed, you actually change. You are not the same person as you were before the new information or experience.  You’ve evolved.
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Ready for a belly laugh?

What’s one of the best ways to rid yourself of anxiety and worry?  Something that can help boost your immune system.  Something you can safely share with anyone.  A method of intentional distraction? You guessed it.  Humour.  And I’m a big fan. Today, I’m sharing a list of 36 of my favourite feel-good, funny, quirky movies to help you get through this great big curveball we’ve all been thrown.  I’ve also included an excerpt from my book that tells the story of how humour healed a famous doctor from a severe inflammatory disease.
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