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Do you feel like something is missing in your life?

The last few weeks Joy Journals have taken you on a journey of clearing and connecting with your inner spirit as a way to better hear its messages. Hopefully, your intuition has sharpened and your joy centre has been awakened.  So now what? It’s one thing to live a joyful life of self-discovery and self-empowerment, but if you are only looking inside and not outside, in my opinion you have only accomplished about half of what you signed up for in this lifetime.  Joy without action can make you passive and myopic.  And I don’t believe that at this perilous time in our history, you can afford to sit back without fulfilling your mission. That’s why learning how to tune into your spirit can help you remember living in the fullness of your joy so that you can express your purpose through every intentional action that you take. Let me tell you my story.
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Are you a tree hugger?

Something else I love when wandering through or near the forest, is the sound of the wind rustling the leaves and branches.  In Denise Linn’s guidebook for her Native Spirit Oracle Cards, she talks about receiving messages through the Air Spirit. Denise explains that many indigenous people believe that the winds carry information from the sacred realms.  And that when you’re outdoors, you should stop and take a moment to notice the feel of the wind on your skin. To me, that is Spirit trying to get my attention.  And when I take time to listen with my ears and my heart, I am “in spirit”.  That’s when my intuition is heightened, and my clarity of purpose is strengthened.
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The spiritual gift of weight loss

A remarkable thing happened on my wellness journey to losing 85 pounds.  Not only did my body return to its natural self, but my intuition sharpened when my spirit gradually became liberated from the internal and external clutter I had been carrying for decades. You see for me, losing weight wasn’t simply about esthetics.  It was about a complete wellness detox - mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I knew it had to encompass the whole package or it couldn’t be sustainable.  So why am I telling you all this? Because I believe that when you rid yourself of the layers of attachments – be they body fat, emotional habits, addictive behaviors, protective fortresses, or even toxic relationships, we allow our true spirit to be exposed where it can finally see the light that points the way.  That’s where the real joy lives.  And it’s all about the joy.
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What is spirit?

Because this month’s Being Joy™ habit is to Be in Spirit, I thought you might wonder what the difference is between the word “spirit” and “Spirit”.     When I talk about the upper-case word “Spirit”, I am referring to the Great Spirit, the Creator, the Divine, the Universe, God, or whatever term you use to explain the origin of all that is.  I will often say “Spirit guided me to this opportunity.” Or “I love it how the Universe conspires on my behalf.”  Or simply “Thank you God”. But when I talk about the lower case “spirit” I am referring to the inner you – your authentic self, the part of your being that is uniquely you, your life-force.  Sometimes the word spirit and soul are used interchangeably.
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