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Redefining a good man in the 21st century

It’s unfortunate that many of the males in western society have fallen victim to the hypnosis of inter-generational social conditioning that has told them gentleness is a sign of weakness. And that to express emotions somehow makes them less of a man. Our current state of global conflict and the rising suicide rate among men should be sending a strong signal that gender equality is about much more than pay equity. It’s about balance. This is what I mean.

Many of today’s males are struggling to find their place. The new “sensitives” often hide their gentleness for fear of ridicule by their peers. They are often the ones who succumb to substances to numb their isolation. And when things get too out of balance, many end it all. I’ve often said that when women get depressed, they take Prozac but when men get depressed, they take their lives. That needs to change!
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Smiling is love energy…

A smile can usually soften the edges of even the most hardened curmudgeon. It’s nearly impossible to not smile back. You start to feel the edges of your mouth twitching – maybe just a half smile. But then just like babies who mimic the facial features of their moms and dads, we’re hard-wired to respond. It’s the way we’ve learned what safety and love looks like.

I know some people who rarely smile. Sometimes its because they are self-conscious about making contact with strangers. Or they may feel insecure or distrusting of people they don’t know. But when you dig a little deeper, it’s generally because they don’t feel deserving of love. Because most times when you smile, you get a smile back. And if you don’t feel worthy, a smile is not something you search for.
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